Hiraeth- 25/04 Nepal

It takes courage to leave doors open at night when you sleep

But then there are people who don’t have a home

Are they the ones that are caught off guard the most ?

Or the ones that live safely locked up behind their doors

Something about these houses with doors and windows

I have a house too , would love to call it home but I can’t

I don’t have a home ,I suppose.

My house has doors and windows though,

I like to leave them open incase home comes knocking one night

daring to enter ,unnoticed .

I’ll hear him ,I know the feeling of his footsteps

They are warm and remind me of a sunny winter morning

I was sitting and sipping on coffee and the sun was keeping me warm

Its hard to get by these cold winter nights with just darkness to accompany you

The thought of home and sunny winter mornings gives me comfort .

I would love to stay at home

But I can’t .

For this heart only trusts cold winter nights, because they stay .

Just the thought of warm sunny mornings is enough to get by

Because the fear of losing these thoughts

And the fear of being homeless , even when I’m home stops me ,

every time I feel him

Walking in without making a sound and caressing me.

Making me feel alive yet morbid.

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