5 tips for taking portraits

Subject photography portrait virtually infinite. There are hundreds of books and manuals on portrait photography.

But there are basic rules, knowing that you can make beautiful and high quality pictures.

Today we’ll give you five simple tips to help make your portrait shots much more interesting.

Planning and preparation

For every survey you need to prepare. Even a simple walk in the park with a camera. Advance look for interesting places to shoot (and ideally to walk on it). Look at these pictures of other photographers inspired by their ideas and take note of some images and postures of their works. Our article will help you think through the frame composition.

If your model is not very experienced, tell her how to prepare for a photo shoot. And may necessarily take with a powder!

Communicate with the model

Helmut newton at work

Every man needs praise. Even if the model with lots of experience and knows how to work in the frame, after a couple of phrases approving shooting will only get better.

Another suggestion of a series of communicating with people. Seeing photographer grusny look on his camera, the model may think that she is doing something wrong. If you have any technical problems — not frown, explain the model, you need a few minutes to set up the equipment.

Use natural light

Natural light — a very cool thing. To use it as broadly as possible, you need to have a mirror, and best of several different sizes and with different reflective surfaces.

If the day is sunny, set the model in the shade to keep it blinked and it was not hard shadows on the face.

In cloudy weather, lighting smooth and no problems will not be. And to add lighting accents can also use a reflector.

Separate model from the background

Model photo shoot

Visually separate the model from the background in several ways:

The Light (model in the shade, the background is illuminated and vice versa), and backlit.

The depth of field, then the model will be on softly blurred background.

Color — juicy girl in yellow dress on a background of green foliage and blue sky will never be lost.

These methods may be combined and need.

More information about the work of the background can be found in our article how to get a beautiful background.

Choose the right point shooting

If you’re shooting a portrait on his shoulders, the camera should be at eye level. And when shooting in full growth — at waist level.

If you remove the model from the bottom, it is visually lengthen legs (careful with long-legged models). Taking off from the top — you shorten the growth model, it can be used, but very carefully so as not to turn the model into a little man.


Choose new views, do not be afraid to experiment.

All that is in this article is a set of classical rules. If you know them well, so you have time to look for ways to break them, but do it so that it looked beautiful.

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