How did I see the Apple’s Keynote with my lenovo

I have to tell I’m not a huge Apple’s products fan and even when I think their products have quality they are overpriced. Anyway I wanted to watch the keynote of this year, just because I have never watched one and I was courious but…

No keynote if you aren’t on safari. Ok man but I’m on linux, what do you want me to do?

First attemp

I said: “Well, if you want me to use safari, I will use safari” so I installed in chrome User-Agent Switcher

and changed my browser to Safari but I still couldn’t play the streaming.

Second attemp

Then I tought about the url to the stream. This url should be anywhere so I went to the Apple event webpage and checked the source-code. I searched for “url” and saw a strange json:

When you open this json you see exactly this:

voilà! The url to the stream. Sometimes it is very easy. So once I had the url it was very easy. Just went to vlc and selected “Source” and picked it from the clipboard. And finally was able to see it!

You can say “It is knows” or “you could have done…”. Ok, but I have never seen one and I like to lose my time to learn and discover so this is the reason to do all this. Also I’m never watching another keynote, it was boring and stupid (Haters to me!).

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