Requesting Women Out — What If You Get Mixed Indicators?

When you are asking women out make sure that it is a clean deal. Put simply, when you have any concerns, then it usually means the lady is not interested.

We recently had a caller to our radio show that took a lady out on an initial time that they had a lot of fun on and he was figuring over a second time.

Problem is that the girl backed out the second date. He then discovered having been completely out until a ASKWOMENS text message came from her asking him to meet her and her friends. She seemed very interested once again.

You might figure at this point that maybe the 2nd date cancellation was an anomaly and since the girl is contacting you, the girl is interested.

That would be common thinking for a lot of guys but it would be wrong.

Clinically sane women with high interest level do not make you wonder. You do not get the dreaded mixed signals. We have all worked with something like this when it comes to asking women out.

You think you have a “live one” only to have the girl come back in and out of your life as she seems baffled about whether or not she wants to go out with you or not.

When a woman is acting like this, you are option number 1, 000 or worse. There could be a ton of reasons for her behavior. Some of the reasons could even sound plausible and since you like her so much and contains been so long since you have recently been out with a lady you really like, you want to believe them.

Will that sound like something you might have been through?

None of it moves muster with the base line factor which claims we do not care that it has been a rough week at the office for her or that the woman cat looked at the woman in a weird way at 3am or that her best friend just suffered a rest up with her fiance’.

All we know is that the bottom line luxury ? is not making herself available to us when we ask her on a date.

Remember guys, when asking women out on dates, if you are getting mixed signals, this means you are OUT.

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