Luxury Yacht Charter over Resort Hotel any day — we tell you why?

Imagine standing on a deck to an endless sea and soaking the sunshine through the breath-taking views of setting sun and blue skies whilst a private chef is there to satisfy your stomach cravings. Now compare this to a morning in the balcony of a resort surrounded by the pool and a golf course.

Leaving it here so you decide better.

We understand your questions to self as to why does this yacht charter thing seems more luxurious then a glamorous hotel. The answer is clear; for the supreme luxury, privacy and exclusivity there is nothing quite as amazing as a majestic yacht charter.

Life is too short to just stay around the land, limiting our sight and vision. Move out in a luxury yacht charter with Yacht Charter Dubai, where everything is unique and exclusive for you only. A super yacht charter offers you every comfort and flexibility.

Organizing an event in a resort is Al cool and good, however a fabulous yacht charter allows you to design it in your own personalized way. Also Even a luxury resort with all the comforts and facilities is no match to the variety of facilities to be experienced in the most elite way.

With the added element of unparalleled luxury, Easy Yacht charters offer you so much more. Some of the perks of yachts that make them better than regular resorts are listed below.


In hotels you cannot get yourself complete privacy for there are other people participating in the activities with you. Also there is this reservation thing that slightly bothers you taking the liberty of a free will. Whilst on a yacht you are entirely free to choose between whatever you like, you are in a private paradise where you will be the only one partying around.


Yacht events are highly exclusive and well thought-out. They offer ultimate privacy with customization according to your choice. The crew on a yacht ask you before you arrive, you are offered with extreme protocol. Once you get on board you are in your own world. Each charter is customized to your will, what you like to eat, what you like to play with and what arrangements you want.


Yacht are cool in case of private events where you have your friends and family on board where you all get together to chill for some time. Or if you are going with your office staff, you get to spend some quality time together engaging with each other and doing activities that often encourage team bonding and lets you open up to a sea of possibilities.

Cost effective

Yachts when compared with resorts or hotels seem fancy and more expensive to you but they are not. You get to experience so much in so less. Yachts are so budget-friendly and offer exceptional value for money.