While there are so many articles out there on how to get started on NLP or teaching you a tutorial, one of the hardest lessons to learn is how to debug a model or task implementation.

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Mental state before model/task implementation, StockSnap via Pixabay (CC0)

So you may know of Word2vec or Glove or even Elmo, and perhaps even the algorithms behind it (Skipgram, etc). However, what are the differences between them, and why is one better than another? This blog is about word embeddings came to be and the linguistic questions they solve, drawing upon a really awesome ACL Paper this year to help explain some linguistic concepts.

So first of all, what are embeddings?

They can be thought of as a learned lookup table, where the input is a word (one-hot encoded) and the output is an n-dimensional vector.

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Picture from Adrian Colyer

This blog is not…

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A lot has happened in almost 21 years. I’ve gotten a scuba diving license, graduated college, founded a nonprofit, started (and failed) many other projects, and gone to Burning Man on water (Ephemerisle).

Although I’ve been working towards a deadline (this Friday!), and will be spending my birthday focusing on my research, what better time to reflect than on the eve of your 21st?

Without further ado, here’s a pretty stream of consciousness list of lessons, experiences, and thoughts. …

It’s that time of year again — the end of the year. This year, a lot of things happened — women around the world stood up for their rights in January, unicorn and other fantastical themed drinks made an appearance, and a lot of controversial bills got passed (ahem* DACA ahem*). Personally, this year was a very emotionally hard year, which I guess is part of growing up. The Yada at the beginning of 2017 and the Yada now is vastly different — part of exiting your teens as a now 20-year old I guess is gaining more perspective.

  1. It’s…

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Silicon Valley. New York City, Hollywood — growing up, America is touted as the land of the best and brightest, drawing thousands of international students per year across colleges in the nation. However, other than the initial culture shock, there is much more than meets the eye to the experience of international students. …

In San Francisco, “buzzwords” like AI, Internet of Things, and impact are thrown around a lot. However, for each industry, who are the most influential players? That was the question I strived to figure out, and decided to scour the world’s most prolific online source for everything startups and technology: TechCrunch. So what buzzwords connect the articles in TechCrunch together for each category of startup?

I soon realized TechCrunch does not have an API to do any analysis for their articles upon articles of valuable information. No problem. …

When it comes to data, it is very easy to back any story with “proof”, simply look at this list of correlations and causations for some hilarious examples. The startup world is no exception, with startups showing only their best numbers to impress investors. So, with that said, how do you cut the data bullshit?

In this post, I’ll touch on one of the most popular areas for metrics: customer retention and market fit, the current metrics being used, and how to improve on them for a more accurate financial model of a startup in terms of how quickly they…

As an export from Thailand in Silicon Valley, I came here for the immense concentration of startups and startup people that the Valley boasts. However, as I explored the ecosystem, I realized a trend in the types of conversations that tended to happen. They revolved around the hype of the season (VR and machine learning), the types of founders YC and Thiel chooses. Of course, as any rational international student would (sarcasm here), I naturally started to apply those questions to the international startup ecosystem.

What were the most popular types of startups in other countries? What is the “ideal”…

Yada Pruksachatkun

Graduate Student @ NYU CDS, previously @Facebook @MIT Media Lab @FinExploration. I write about machine learning and life. คนเชียงใหม่

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