Read Honest Review for Tikona Broadband 4mbps Plan by Satish Shah

Name: Satish Shah

Age: 29 yrs.

Location: Mulund West, Navi Mumbai.

Occupation: Stock Market trader

I’m a Stock Market trader and reside in Mulund and needed a high speed internet connection all day long. As my occupation depends on checking stock prices constantly, I needed a connection where I could stream live stock prices the entire day, mainly 7–8 hours of live streaming and 3–4 hours of research. It will be right to assume that my livelihood directly depends on a good internet connection. But, my previous internet connection was no good, it was slow, had several maintenance issues and I’ve suffered a lot of losses due to inconsistency of services. It was high time that I started searching for a new broadband connection and I started asking around my neighborhood.

How I found out about Tikona?

Besides the local internet service providers, I heard about Tikona Broadband services which is a popular internet connection service provider in my area and several of my neighbors had already subscribed to their services. So, after researching for a bit, I found out that Tikona Digital Networks is a Mumbai-based internet service provider and offers some great broadband plans at reasonable rates. As most of the members of my society had already had the infrastructure set up, I decided to give Tikona a shot and check out their services.

My Experience Using Tikona 4 Mbps Plan-

I started using Tikona 4 mbps broadband plan after going through all the plans that they offered. The plan came with 4 mbps download speed & with 60 GB download limit and was exactly the kind of plan I was looking for. As I work heavily on my laptop I needed good internet speed and 4mbps was the optimal speed. The 4mbps plan costed me INR 3999 for 6 months which was cheaper than my previous connection. The installation process was swift and my internet connection was up and running in a day.

How Tikona Broadband Connection is Setup-

Two routers are installed, one at the rooftop and one internally and both were installed in a day. The rooftop router is fitted on the terrace and a linking cable is connected from it to the router at my house. Their package also includes a Wi-fi router which is always convenient as it makes my entire home a wireless internet hub and can be connected to any device including my laptop. Up to 8 devices can be connected so the wireless internet can be connected to a phone, a tablet or any device that requires an internet connection.

Final Rating and review for Tikona Digital Networks-

I’ve been a Tikona subscriber for the past 4 months now and honestly I haven’t found out any flaws yet. My Tikona review is that the speed is good, rarely experiences down times, and the customer service is commendable. I’m happy with their service and will renew my plan with them after 2 months. Below are my ratings.

Installation Services: 9/10

Speed: 8/10

Connectivity: 8/10

Customer Service: 9/10

Equipment: 8/10

Overall Rating: 8/10

Would I Recommend Tikona? YES.