Firefox Quantum Sprint 57 — TIST

Firefox Quantum Sprint 57 at Toc H Institute of Science and Technology, by Mozilla Kerala

Internet is the god of modern world.It gives life to the creations in current era. And so, accessing the web is of great importance. With an aim to achieve maximum efficiency in the interaction of human with the internet, Mozilla Firefox 57 is a real beast.

As part of Mozilla kerala, I organized Firefox quantum sprint 57 at Toc H Institute of Science and Technology on 4th Oct 2017. With a headcount of 30, it was a grand success. Altogether, about 40 bugs were reported in the 3 hour hunt.

Starting from 1pm, we gathered and gave intro session about Mozilla and it’s new browser “Firefox quantum”. Mr.Siddharth Prajosh managed the event throughout, providing support and guidance for the participants. And the swags lit the smile on everyone’s face. Browsing through the web from the most common sites to a wide range of other websites, it was amazing to see the crew looking into the light box hunting for bugs. And at last, it ended by 4 in the evening.

It was such an amazing experience, hosting such an interesting eve event and getting along with the crew.