Getting Started with SpringBoot Starters

Yohan Avishke
Aug 13 · 3 min read
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Maven central provides developers with soo many artifacts, helpful for specific use cases. If you have ever worked with a huge scale project you might be familiar with a pom.xml file looking like this,

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huge…. pom file

There are thousands of lines just for the dependencies here. There will be many issues regarding dependency management. A lot of valuable development time will be wasted just trying to understand what the hell is going on with the dependency tree.

But Spring Boot comes to rescue as always, and that’s where we start hearing a name called Starters. So let’s get started 😃

What is a Starter 🤔

In their own words,

Starter POMs are a set of convenient dependency descriptors. You get a one-stop-shop for all the Spring and related technology that you need. The starters contain a lot of the dependencies that you need to get a project up and running quickly and with a consistent, supported set of managed transitive dependencies.

Identifying a Starter

All official starters follow a similar naming pattern; spring-boot-starter-*, where * is a particular type of application.

There are unofficial starters as well: ones that are created by third-party communities. There naming patter will look like; *-spring-boot-starter , where * is the community name.

To learn how to create your own starter pom have a look into creating your own starter section of Spring Boot documentation.

Starter Types

Starters can be divided into three according to the support they provide,

  1. Application Starters
Application Starters

2. Production-ready Starters

In addition to the application starters, the following starters can be used to add production-ready features. Production-ready features will help you to monitor and manage your application when it’s pushed to production.

Production-ready Starters

3. Technical Starters

Finally, Spring Boot includes some starters that can be used if you want to exclude or swap specific technical facets.

Technical Starters

Here is the GitHub repo of all the official Spring Boot Starters. Visit the link to check out dependencies that power 🚀 the Starters.

That’s all for now. Hope this article helped you to learn something new. My plan is to use all the above Starters at least once, so stay tuned for future articles for more depth explanations with examples.

Thank you for your time. Hope to see you in the next article 👋

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