As we have seen over the last several weeks, nothing makes the global market volatile like a pandemic. It is clear that fear, panic and hysteria exacerbate the natural economic volatility. While this is bad news for the majority of businesses and many investors who got into the game when things were going well, it is good for anyone looking to jump into the market and make money, provided they have liquid assets to invest.

The current pandemic, or any global crisis that creates a disruption on this level, highlights the need for tokenization. Tokenization breaks up an asset into…

In business today, everybody’s just trying to be heard. But sometimes, it’s a frustrating process, like walking into a party where everybody’s shouting so loud that nobody actually hears anyone else.

With 5K and 9K followers on LinkedIn and Twitter, I can help turn that around for you, just like I did for IBM.

Here’s what happened when IBM called on me to help them create organic growth for their blockchain.

The Problem:

Like almost every company and organization working with blockchain, IBM wanted to share their product through social media…

But they wanted to make sure that they reached the right

If you’re a newcomer to blockchain, it can be tough sorting out the reality from the hype. What are the actual use cases and what’s just fluff? And what’s actually being done with blockchain right now? Who’s piloting innovative platforms and products that will change the way our lives look two, five, or ten years down the line?

That’s why it was so incredible to share an overview of this technology with a group of Belgian entrepreneurs in a casual talk recently on a gorgeous, balmy rooftop overlooking Tel Aviv.

We touched on a few different industries where blockchain not…

Did you ever see the old Mad Magazine cartoon Spy vs. Spy? In the cartoon, two pointy-faced “spies” were scheming to kill one another in a range of nefarious and painful ways. The cartoon was created as a parody during the Cold War — the ultimate demonstration that in this kind of battle, nobody wins.

There’s probably no industry better known for its vicious competitiveness than pharmaceuticals, an industry worth $466 billion in the U.S. alone. Like those cartoon spies, drug companies have gone to great lengths to outwit and defeat their opponents.

The accepted wisdom in the pharmaceutical sphere…

Collaboration hasn’t been a popular business buzzword until now. Since the industrial revolution, businesses have thrived by following a tried-and-true model: outgrow the competition and dominate the market, often as ruthlessly as possible.

But if competition was key to businesses’ survival in the 20th century, the buzzword of the 21st is rapidly becoming collaboration, and it’s literally a whole new way of doing business. What’s brought about this sea change is a key development in the way we handle and store data: blockchain.

Here are three examples where companies are grabbing onto blockchain as an opportunity to build collaboration into…

The short answer is that for many companies looking to raise funds without going for a full IPO, Reg A+ is great news.

Essentially, this regulatory model creates a category almost like a hybrid between the crowdfunding model you already know from sites like Kickstarter, and an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in the traditional capital market, which for the most part only major institutions have direct access to.

Reg A+ is a spinoff of 2012’s JOBS act that was designed to encourage investment and growth in small-and-medium-sized businesses — the kind of businesses that don’t necessarily want to go all the way to a full IPO, with all the SEC filing and regulatory requirements that involves…


One of the awesome things about new technology is the opportunity that it offers the little guy and gal — people who haven’t always taken the lead. Like the opportunity many women have found in blockchain over the last few years, finally taking charge in innovation and the tech sector like never before.

Statistics show that women currently hold only 20% of tech jobs. In fact, there are fewer women working in tech than in the 1980s, so this industry isn’t exactly moving in the right direction. …

The ETF proposal has been withdrawn due to government shutdown, but is likely to be re-submitted at a later date

  • The SEC has always been cautious about bitcoin-backed vehicles, and the delay on ETF decision reflects that caution
  • They say it has nothing to do with the merit of bitcoin, just flaws in the proposals so far, including ETF
  • Trump appointee, Elad Roisman, has been associated with having a pro-crypto stance and is expected to support opening financial markets to the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • During the shutdown, the SEC is still running, just with limited staff and handling emergencies
  • The group responsible for the ETF proposal withdrew in in the light of a shutdown, planning to reapply later

Further reading:

I am keen at looking for nature examples in dealing with various problems. Thus gives me inspiration for creating interesting but natural solutions that are simple and the kind that you an never believe haven’t been created before. Nature’s order has been used to create models of human behavior and of economies as a whole.
I started thinking about nature examples of blockchain-like solutions. The first that came to mind was DNA. And if DNA has similar rules to those of blockchain, why is this interesting? Because lots of times nature has better solutions than humans.

Let’s look at the…

Ways blockchain can make automotive industry more green

Blockchain technology is powerful as an enabler or decentralized systems, ecosystems and economies, with the type of a cryptocurrency known as a token used as programmable money with built-in incentives that could serve to build certain behaviors or to reach a desired outcome for those communities or societies.

Let’s quickly review the theory behind habit building. We have two main tools, positive and negative reinforcement. Many parenting and behavior experts question the power of negative reinforcement as a behavior building tool while there’s a basic consensus when it comes to the power…

Yael Tamar

Yael Tamar, CMO & Partner at SolidBlock, and a financial strategist, speaker, advisor, and mentor with over a decade of experience.

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