I usually feel weird about chanting during yoga. It feels very insincere to be chanting Hindi words I can’t understand. I sit silently and wait for them to pass and hope to get to the sweating — acknowledging that, perhaps, it’s even more hollow to eschew the spiritual aspects for the pure butt-toning.

Lately, though, I’ve been slightly looking forward to the chants and even found myself partaking in one, all the while asking myself who is it that I feel is judging my sincerity? People in India perhaps, having a giggle at the Lululemmings butchering their words? But mostly…

I see them every morning as I’m getting settled into my car. Every time I do, I experience the same wave of shock. An irrepressible urge to make them disappear. Using two fingers, I pull my forehead skin taut. I concentrate on not scrunching my face when the sun hits me. I make mental notes to invest in a good skin cream. But they seem adamant to make their presence known.

Hi, yes - hello there wrinkles.

In the past I reserved a certain disdain for women who turn to plastic surgery to mend their dissipating youthfulness. I had always…

After two years of leaving my personal laptop on the back-burner and turning exclusively to my more lightweight work laptop, I revisited my old files. As I creaked the laptop open to scroll through old photographs and design files of my college and Buenos Aires years, the first shock was how clunky and dated the mac OS looked just 2 years ago (It might as well have been a 90′s gameboy interface).

The second was the emotional shock of looking through old photos in succession and seeing the montage of frozen moments that feels like it should be accompanied with…

Preface: In efforts to avoid the time sink that is the dashboard of angsty tweens on Tumblr and an attempt to adapt to currents standards of an adult techie life, I have migrated to Medium for blogging. A proper ‘About Me’ coming soon.

I am very good at decidedly stating I am going to alter my path, give myself a new title, bestow my life with a new sense of purpose - a new aura. To really be a writer. A blogger. A collage artist. Call it what you will. But really the only title I can truly give myself…

Jugo De Palabras

Swapping pixels for words.

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