Please don’t talk down to me UPS

Dear UPS,

I ordered a package from Amazon next day delivery this Wednesday. Their address auto correct chopped off the floor number for my building and thus the package became undeliverable. I ordered it next day for a reason and that reason is I need this item before noon on Friday when I am set to leave on a trip (the item is for that trip and very important). UPS never attempted to contact me about this (only Amazon did) even though I’ve signed up for ups my choice.

I contacted UPS via livechat and they told me they could redeliver tomorrow, I said great, wonderful, I just need it by noon tomorrow, is that ok? They said that they could only guarantee before 3pm (it’s a business address) and I said that won’t do because I need the package more urgently and could they redeliver today? They then claimed that they had no way to contact the driver. However, that can’t be true because in instances (for example) when I’ve been home but the driver neglected to ring the doorbell they have been able to send that driver back. Eventually they relented and said the truth was because it was not technically “UPS” error (but rather Amazon’s error) — so they just wouldn’t do it.

The thing that infuriates me is that they lied to me with this false claim of not being able to contact the drivers when I know this isn’t true. The truth is they won’t contact the driver because they feel this is my fault/amazon’s fault and good customer service, which should exist even in the face of someone else’s error, is not something UPS knows about.

All I wanted is a guarantee that I could have the package by 12 tomorrow, not even a same day redelivery. Seems like an easy to accommodate constraint.

Very disappointing.

—A person you shouldn’t talk down to.

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