Oh yes, everybody knows it – the art of doing everything else but what you should do.

Studying, working, getting rid of all the strange things under your bed, cleaning, doing the dishes, organizing, feeding your third cat ..

Now, I’m writing this while sitting in my chair, watching the clouds and checking all my messages on WhatsApp, E-Mail, Twitter, Snapchat – well I also visited my half past dead Facebook-Account which is actually a fake one.

Tomorrow I have to ace an important history exam about so many things I should have heard about, but I just can’t take my book out and shut my smartphone down. I guess I am pretty much fucked up.


  1. Just do it.

The Procrastination-Demon in my head just mutters: No, not now, later.

2. You just have to put your smartphone into a box, close it and hide the key.

Then I am probably going to sleep.

3. Create a plan and include breaks.

The breaks are a problem. Because they will last longer than actually planned, I know it.

4. Eat something first and have a bottle of water next to you.

What about a bottle of Vodka?

5. Imagine yourself failing, because of your lazyness.

Lazy Town, welcome to lazytown, a place where you want to stay .. 🎶


Do everything you just read. Then look into the mirror, slap yourself and smile bravely.

And now start.



Hah, just kidding, I am going to watch Netflix now.