What Is Love?

Baby don’t hurt me .. no more

What I've learnt about love and desire in the past years, is that it's messed up and completely beyond one's control.
Uncontainable. You can't ignore it, it masters your mind. And you hate to admit it, but if you fall in love, there's no way of not thinking about this person most of the time.

This person is everywhere. In the music you listen to, in the pictures you look at, in the movie characters you watch, beneath your food, in your daydreams, in your pockets or maybe also in your wardrobe - if you manage to kidnap your crush 😈

If you question yourself whether you're in love or not - that means you're in love, because if you weren't you wouldn't need to ask yourself.
(I don't know which wise person said or wrote this advice, but it's true.)

Ladies and gentlemen, if you just thought about someone special, who could fit into this, you're in love.
I'm sorry.

Even if you're sure that your crush is not into you, enjoy the butterflies. Don't turn them into little black monsters or giant black monsters, just be aware of the fact that you feel a warm sympathy for someone.

Scenario 1: Your crush does not like you

Yes whatever, stalk your crush on every social network, download all of her/his pictures, check if she/he is online (if you are lucky enough to have the number) and imagine dialogues that will never happen the way you fantasize about them. It’s okay. It’s kind of funny. And sad. And desperate. And exhausting. But also funny.

I want to tell you the craziest thing I did to get the attention of someone I liked about three years ago. And it was probably the most stupid way of offering someone your love.
Just to entertain you.

I sent him anonymously a red rose with my number, just like the good old times 🌹

Yeah it didn’t really end well. He thanked me for the rose and told me that he "respects my braveness".
He wasn’t into me, but I knew it already. It was okay. I just cried two weeks, not a whole month. 
I’m kidding. Three weeks.

Scenario 2: Your crush is into you

Throw a party.
Seriously, it doesn't happen all the time!

Scenario 3: Someone is into you, but you're not into him/her

You need to keep away from him/her. Distance is the key. Don’t be rude or harsh, just make clear that you’re not interested and try to avoid giving this person the hope it could possibly work out someday.
It’s poison for the soul, because he/she will keep looking out for you.

If a close friend falls in love with you (and tells you), you got a serious problem buddy. It's possible to keep being friends, but not "close" anymore, because one will probably get hurt. 
You can try a relationship or you could end up being "friends with benefits", but the friendship you had before will not last.
Sometimes it can be healthier for both not to tell your friend. On the other hand, this can be really frustrating and mostly, the friend already knows.

Love is crazy. And you can't plan to fall in love or not. It just happens.

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