Can It! 8 Amazing Graffiti Spots In London That You Need To Check Out

Art exhibitions are great n’all that. It’s always nice to see paintings hanging on the walls in galleries. However, there also happens to be some incredible art all around us on the streets of London, from Shoreditch to Stockwell. Because graffiti can be so much more than just your old school mate Daz tagging his name on the local underpass…

1) Stockwell Park Estate

Why we like it: It’s not massive. In fact, there’s only space for 20 pieces at a time. What is there is incredible quality though.

2) Sclater Street Walls, Shoreditch

Why we like it: It’s mysterious. Masterpieces appear and then vanish overnight, because this is a constantly changing canvas.

3) Southbank Skatepark

Why we like it: It’s lively. The colourful scribblings are a distinctive backdrop for the unmistakeable grind-song of skateboard wheels.

4) Village Underground, Shoreditch

Why we like it: It’s cute. The message is distinctly London. Stiff upper lip, eh?

5) Brick Lane

Why we like it: It’s (arguably) the creative hub of London. The food, the street art, everything has its own identity on Brick Lane.

6) Leake Street Tunnel, Waterloo

Why we like it: It’s hectic. There’s graffiti everywhere, as high as your eyes can see. It leads through to a great little street food market too.

7) Camden Town

Why we like it: Find the right spots… Camden is massive but wander into the right spots and you’ll find some hidden masterpieces like this ^, from Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra.

8) Trellick Tower, Kensington

Why we like it: It’s needed. The Trellick Tower is so distinctively ugly that it was awarded grade II listed status in December 1998. Fortunately, the graffiti adds a splash of colour and character.

Originally published at on June 8, 2015.

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