Life itself is a mystery.

We are born and live till we die.

Until our inevitable doom, our inborn curiosity leads to question the reality of this life.

So a question arises; Why? Why are we born?

If God exists then why did he created us? To do what? What purpose?

Why of all the living species in the world are we chosen?

By chosen I mean why are we the only people with the sixth sense?

The only difference between us and animals is simple; we both have five senses, we both act upon instincts, but we humans have logic and reason; a sixth sense.

So the question repeats itself again why do we have the sixth sense? To what extent could we use it? And for what purpose should we use it?

Each and every religion that we know of, always has one purpose, to give us humans the liberty to chose our own path.

A path which is defined by the actions we take in order to help the weak and in return please. our own egos.

But why did he chose a race like ours?

A violent and barbaric one.

Whereas he gave us feelings of hate greed and anger.

Which in most cases are the prime antagonists to a righteous purpose

Then we go back again to the same question… Why?

Why give us emotions and an ego that stands up to reason and logic? Why create us differently and yet still restrict us with the same limits that restricts every act an animal could take upon instincts?

By giving us our sixth sense, we should be able to chose what’s morally right in a macro perspective view.

The greater good so to speak.

Is it just a test created to see if man can rid himself of the mischiefs and act only for the greater good?

If so then why do people not chose to give others but instead chose to take for themselves?

Kindness is an essence to a world wide revolution, but isn’t kindness an emotion?

Isn’t it relative to our ego?

In other words what I consider a nuisance to reason and logic is in fact an advantage at the same time

On the other hand this amalgam is what defines humans more than our sixth sense.

In fact objectivity is a rationalization of what happens around us

But subjectivity is a distinctive and different perspective of our surrounding as perceived by every human.

Thus subjectivity is by all means what defines human nature more than logic.

But in the end if we depend only on our emotions, humans tend to just have a selfish view of the world; they become self-centered egotistical maniacs.

This is where our sixth sense comes in hand, where with the conjunction between the two, we humans can rid ourselves of this self-proclaimed centralization and look at the world more objectively but with a kind heart at the same time.

Only then will we begin to understand our true purpose in life.

In the end, progress is the end aspiring from a means,which is the unity of the world; a utopian world.

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