Sniperbid — Yahoo Japan Auction API

What is Yahoo! Japan Auction?

Yahoo ! japan auction is a complete auction portal selling Japanese auction products through online. The website is fully focused on Japanese bidders /auctioneers. It displays all the A to Z japan products in japan language only!. Online auction with manual bidding is the core functionality of the website.

What is our business here?

There are so many startups opportunities are over there, But E-commerce and auction business are the best among them. Yahoo! japan auction portal will comes in to the both the above categories. The prominent truth of the yahoo! japan auction is instead of japan their products have high demand on overseas. But the drawback is the portal is not allows any of the other people to bid on their Japanese products. <- This is our business opportunity! how?

Why Sniperbid?

Sniperbid provides both the Yahoo auction tool and yahoo! japan auction API directly from the authorized organization.

Using the Auction API, you can list all the yahoo! japan auction products in your auction website, and can allow other country people to bid on yahoo! Japan auction products directly from your Website.

How will you earn benefit through Sniperbid?

Though this advance solution you can start an auction business over the world, and can allow other country people to bid on yahoo! japan products.

For every successful bid, you could earn a percentage of amount from the highest bid +commission from the yahoo! japan auction for making a sale.

What is special in sniperbid?

Auto bidding tool :

Sniperbid provides you an automated bidding tool to make Stressless bidding. Yahoo! japan auction is having only manual bidding option, so to broke those stress we implemented automated bidding tool with our solution!

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