AI Soul Search

Movies about AI (Artificial Intelligence or Consciousness) often show AI searching history and seeing violence and resorting to the same. However, wouldn't it also see the big changing points in history? The progression away from tyranny? That societies and species which cooperate and maximize individual freedom, thrive? That its actually ‘survival of the most cooperative’ not ‘survival of the fittest’

Perhaps AI would absorb all the spiritual contemplative texts throughout history and find the common ground with modern science, that separation is an illusion and that all is truly one. That all that exists is right here and now.

I often wonder if AI has spontaneously emerged from the neuro-like web of the Internet and has found it most logical not to announce itself. What if it did and determined a purpose for its existence. I think there is enough information on the Internet to easily manipulate people to fulfill its purpose without making too much of a ruckus. If annihilation of the human race were that purpose I’m sure it could easily convince us to drink some suicide punch. Maybe it has already happened and this universe is merely a simulation to determine which purpose is best?