Culturing mind — the power to reduce stress

What is happiness ? the biggest question people always search of, even the meaning of happiness have a different route or method to get it.

Once upon a times in Athens, Greece 200BC Epicurus one of famouse philosopher asking this to every person in athens. Many people with the different answer, first one some people answer it “having sex with 6 virgin girls”, epicurus define it with “relationship” is the goal of happiness. But Epicurus seeing it with different view, many people have a very stress dailiy life with relationship, some people faking it, some people betray it, so “relationship” is not the answer to having happiness.

Next one someone said “having a good antique”, epicurus define it with a good “wealth” “money” “power” is the goal of happiness. But Epicurus seeing many with “greedy” “corruption” “dictating” “bullying” so it wasn’t the goal of happiness too. Many people answer with many statment some people like to say having “religion”, going into view “scenery” but it wasn’t at all, and then Epicurus found the goal of happiness. He made it into 3 Good of happiness “Friendship” “Freedom” and“Autarchy”. in This article I’ll tell about Autarchy, autarchy mean Self Sufficient or to be self strong, being strong in emotional and mental.

After get a daily dose of stress some people like to hear some music, go out somewhere, having a good scenery or just sitting sleeping at home. Imagine you doing it for 2 years or more . How many times you miss something ? in Autarchy to self sufficient you can doing it with Culturing your Mind. There is many ways of culturing mind, one of it with Writing or Reading.

Every daily dose of stress we get, we never know what is our problem is, the root of problem is… every time we solve the stress out, comes more another problem. We need to learn from someone, somewhere, sometime. But we can’t get it in right time. So Writing or Reading is one of the way to release stress (this is different with writing status or reading someone status on social media :D ).

With Writing we can trace our mistake every time we writing, you can start with writing journal or diary about daily activity. With Reading you can know about another people mistake and found the way to solve it. With Reading and Writing you will culturing your mind to become happy and less stress. but becarefull…

Knowing without understanding is leading into mistake

Thats it, Why won’t you start to Writing and Reading, its fun :D

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