How Quora is taking advantage of its users

A new way to trick people into working for promised compensation that they will never get.

Why am I writing this?

I tried to find another solution to this, but now it is almost a month that I am in this situation, I sent many e-mails asking for support to help me understand why Quora decided to block me, but I always got only vague answers and nothing concrete… and I’m not the only one.

Am I the only one in this situation?

No, the same thing happened to many people. And it’s still going on.

Do I hate Quora?

No. In recent months it has been my main social network. I was very influential in the Italian community. In a month in Quora IT I gained 160 new followers, for a small community like Quora IT this can be compared to earning thousands of followers on Quora EN. And my content made no less than 15,000 daily views.

I made on Quora IT 300 answers and no less than 700 questions, many of which were sent in the daily digest by Quora and even published on the official Facebook page from Quora.

the number of views on questions and answers is in decline because I can not add any content. These are the statistics of one of my last questions:

So I can say I was pretty happy of the results I was achieving on Quora.

So why my partnership got revoked?

I got one response by a Quora support operator and it’s this:

And what happened when I emailed Nothing!

But wait, this is not the first time my partnership was revoked…

On November 5 I had the same problem, partnership revoked but this time they had already paid me $3,000. And what happened? I contacted the support and they said to me to contact Sumi Kim, a Group Product Manager at Quora. She checked the traffic on my views and obviously noticed one thing: a lot of views were coming from the website domain I own, she asked me why and it was a simple reason: when I have to share this kind of link on twitter they are too long and I want to have the possibility to add more hashtags, so for example a link like this can become this 70% percent reduction on link length and redirects to the original and on social network displays Quora in the preview and not Jar ETF.

Sumi Kim said everything was okay and restored my partnership.

And on November 21 when my questions were valued a total of $2,500 my partnership was revoked and this time for the first time on my 3 years experience on Quora I got an edit-block.

Till now contacting support was useless and I was ignored, why I say ignored? Because I use mail trackers and they showed all my emails as read.

Am I the only one?

No, I know multiple members of Quora IT that had the same problem and some are concerned they’ll get in this situation too, till now it looks like Quora liked playing with our lives, promising money for our 10–16 hours spent daily on Quora and then after a while just removing everything, this is why I’ve used “stolen” in the title and don’t say to me is a strong world! Quora said to me I am committing fraud against them.

And now? What should I do?

I’m a fan of Quora and I hope they’ll stop ignoring my emails, I love this social networks and hope to be again the ability to use it.

I am doing a lot Of things to try solving this situation, and I’ll keep editing this -article in case of news.

11/29/18 Edit 1:

I sent an email showing and proving I never did anything wrong, in the email there are links of the content I shared and how much traffic it generated.

6/12/18 Edit 2:

I got an answer but it’s vague and not showing any evidence of what I did wrong.