Is this the best concept for (soon brought to life) FKPD?

This post meant to be read only by other FKPD members.

To be sustainable, FKPD needs to have a good mainframe to start on. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks. I came up with a lot of plans in my mind, but I trash most of them.

The difficult thing is:

  • The idea validation process (is the market (high schoolers) are going to take the content or not). It took a lot of time and research.
  • Finding a good financial plan suitable for nonprofit organizations.
  • Finding a good nonprofit organization to benchmark.

Well, the hard time is up until I came upon a long-time-no-hear podcast: Podcast Subjective by Iqbal Hariadi, that brought me to a discussion about Indonesian Future Leaders and about Millennials.

So this is the best idea (yet) I came up with:

The Generation Z

First, the high schoolers nowadays are post-millennial. That’s the most important thing for us to mind. The Generation Z is different than The Generation X (born 1965–1980) and The Millennials (born 1981–2000)

The primary characteristics that we had to look up is:

  • Generation Z have a great ambition for success.
  • Generation Z likes anything instant.
  • Generation Z likes freedom.
  • Generation Z have good self-confidence.
  • Generation Z wants to be recognized.
  • Generation Z born in the digital age.

If I am going to take a summary, the Generation Z have great ambition for success, and they want to be successful in their young age. They want to be recognized by others as an outlier, as a unique person. Generation Z have the crave for freedom of creativity; freedom of doing something different; freedom of choosing their own path.

According to the Public Relations Society of America, the Great Recession has taught Generation Z to be independent and has led to an entrepreneurial desire, after seeing their parents and older siblings struggle in the workforce.

A chance to prove themselves

Analyzing our member candidate behavior makes it easier for us to plan the mainframe of future FKPD.

The earlier generation of FKPD is an event-oriented organization based on recent student social problems. Maybe it was the best plan possible for the given situation.

The recent generation of FKPD is an agile sharing community created to solve the individualistic and rivalrous trend among schools. Maybe it was the best plan possible for the given situation.

The future generation of FKPD also needs a mainframe that suitable for their given situation and problems.

Its called problem-based orientation, one of the primary principle of organizational behavior. Moreover, the future generation of FKPD is filled with Generation Z. Based on the characteristic given above, we know that they have an urge for being a successful man, they need a tool to nourish their potential.

I think we can provide a friendly environment for them to grow and becoming a successful and independent man they want to be.

The Outliers

For him (Malcolm Gladwell), an outlier is a truly exceptional individual who, in his or her field of expertise, is so superior that he defines his own category of success. — The Guardian.
The vision of future FKPD would be a platform for individuals to get fostered and bring the most of their potential out, and then they become outliers themselves.

An outlier is an interesting concept, it happens to the most of ‘the remaining’ FKPD members (on first to fifth FKPD generation). They gain something from FKPD and they become something different than their friends. They become more mature, thoughtful, independent, and so on.

There are two ways that I know to become an outlier:

(1) Talk to someone older than you.

This is actually a characteristic of a prodigy, it’s one level above an outlier. Prodigy is a gifted kid who thinks differently than most of their friends, they think at a level beyond this century (surpassing all the oldies).

The interesting fact about a prodigy is they like to talk to someone older than them, vice versa. And I think, talking to someone older is also insightful for common children, as it makes them more mature and thoughtful.

(2) Hustle from the youngest age possible.

Another common characteristic of an outlier is they start to hustle from a very young age. Name every famous and genius people you know, then you will get their most common similarity: they start hustling from a very young age.

In order to make the future FKPD generation to become an outlier, they need to interact with a bright person who is older and more experienced than them, and they need to be tutored by that person. They need to start now, as soon as possible, in their high school age, to start thinks as a college-age — surpassing their friends.

A hustling friendly social platform for high schoolers

So what is it? And what goods it will bring for the Generation Z?

First, the millennials are known to have Founder Syndrome. It is a behavior of wanting to become a founder (mostly of a social act or social organization), as a way to become famous and get recognized.

It was called a syndrome because they often can’t be responsible for their actions. Most of their social acts are unsustainable. It only exists for approximately one month to one year.

I think that Founder Syndrome was not entirely a bad thing. If we can tutor Generation Z to be better at managing organizations, and provide them with useful skills, they could be impactful for this city.

Second, a hustling friendly social platform for high schoolers is best as an acceleration of knowledge transfers (or the so-called transfer wawasan or twtw). Knowledge transfers are commonly done by college students in time they want to become a head of a college organization. If we can do that to a high school student, then it will be preciously impactful for their future.

Third, a hustling friendly environment should be easy to fail and learn environment. It will trigger a deep learning situation, known to be the best environment that delivers genius athletes, singer, and scientist.

Fourth, the trend of Indonesian leaders nowadays is they come from the suburb. Tri Rismaharini, Joko Widodo, Ridwan Kamil, Nurdin Abdullah, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, Tuan Guru Bajang is few of them. They arise from a local place, with zero popularity to start off, but they shine as bright as the politician in the central government.

If we can educate these young leaders wholeheartedly, it is possible for them to grow as big as the famous Indonesian leaders and be as impactful for this country.

What then?

I am waiting for the FKPD alumni consolidation event, and can’t wait to see the idea that we elaborate there. I think the stuff I write here is enough to be the kickstarter. I will inform you later soon.

Thank you very much!

Yahya Aqrom
Chairman of FKPD 5

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