Andy Saxon and Mo Fyaz Menacing Right Wingers — Should We Care?

There’s been a bit of cyber argy-bargy and handbags at dawn amongst some of the right wing cabal including a couple of middle-aged blokes with ties with Tommy where’s my P*ki taxi driver Robinson.

This culminated in Mohammed Fyaz (Mo Fyaz, a supporter of Tommy) pitching up in Whitehaven looking for Josh Mcmean — he’s thought to have had Andy Saxon (a bodyguard for Tommy) in tow. It’s documented on a video featuring a few screenshots showing this was not a friendly visit to Whitehaven.

Seamus Healy has a list of complaints and gripes against Mo Fyaz, including doxxing and/or threats of doxxing. He’s catalogued this allegation in the category of immoral behaviour: “Offered to help Andy Saxon on a thuggish road trip to Cumbria, based on lies and disingenuous bullshit! (Mo the Christian gangster)”

Isn’t much of Tommy’s behaviour immoral? You can’t just start having a go at people like Mo Fyaz and Andy Saxon, when, in fact Tommy comes from a criminal and EDL background. His criminal past is well documented but the strife and fear he’d injected into elderly and kids of minority backgrounds (largely Muslims) in towns and cities across the country with his EDL roadshow was immoral, right Seamus? What of Tommy door-stepping folks like Tim Fenton late at night or the parents’ home of a young man on Twitter (documented on YT), claiming to buy gear (drugs) in various countries whilst just being a general pest in demonising a 15 year old school boy and taking advantage of grooming victims for his own agenda and personal gain. It’s all immoral, right Seamus?

My point here is that it’s a bit difficult to play the immorality card now when you’ve been surrounded by a bunch of disciples of Tommy and not said much.

Mo Fyaz was threatening to dox his brother and his family home, where was the outrage amongst the characters in “the movement” ad the Tommy disciples at that?

It’s all selective outrage, this comes from the top (the top being Tommy Robinson). Tommy’s selective in his outrage — his schtick is to get as much mileage out of new stories of criminals who happen to have Muslim sounding names. Tommy is all about inconsistency — his career depends on it — perhaps Nick Griffin is right as to why.

Talking about blokes with Muslim names and inconsistency, Mohammed Fyaz is the menace now. He’s the guy who is stalking these characters, leaving cryptic messages on FaceBook and turning up to their town making them feel uncomfortable.

The inconsistency here is that Mo Fyaz knows how it feels to be marginalised and demonised. Mo Fyaz relays these experiences he had with racists in his book Letting Love Win:

“There was another family like ours down the road, but apart from them, we were brown people in a very white area. As a consequence, we were not liked. We were not welcome”
“The threat of violence was real. Slogans had been smeared in red paint across our front door — ‘PAKI BASTARDS GET OUT’. Someone had lobbed a brick through our window.
“…at 6 and 7 years old, it was both baffling and frightening. I could not understand why these people hated us. We had done nothing to harm them. At night yobs hammered on our door, keeping me awake or suddenly waking me up in the dark. ‘Get out of our country. Go home, Pakis’”

Mo Fyaz has rallied racists and effectively asked them to turn their attention to Muslims instead of against brown people. He’s part of the constant demonization of Muslims and he enables bigotslike James Goddard (Goddard has racist tweets attributed to him) and anti-Muslim bigots like Tommy and his disciples. So Mo Fyaz is essentially being somebody who is enabling bigots to make 6 and 7 year old Muslim kids feel unwelcome — he was made unwelcome by the host population when he was a kid based on his brown skin colour but he’s just shifting the bigotry meter away from colour to Muslimness. The ironic thing is, he’s experienced the same anti-Muslim bigotry within the Tommy movement — the same one he helps foment which ultimately leads to Muslim kids to experience being otherized and discriminated against.

Much is made of mental states and mental health — this is not an effort to gaslight — but Mo Fyaz must be carrying a lot of baggage to have fallen into the clutches of Islamophobic echo chambers — ranting away on livestreams and posts to other angry and ineffectual characters who are enamoured by Tommy Robinson so much so that they delegate their thinking and bodies to Tommy Robinson et al..

One’s life must be void of meaning and joy to be that person in that echo-chamber. Then to get embroiled in thuggish campaigns of activity, in order to cling on to your position in a dwindling echo chamber of Tommy devotees, against people (Josh Mcmean and his cadre) who are essentially criticising you in plain view of your other angry peers. There’s a lot of keeping up appearances and being seen to sound uber-loyal and invested in the “movement”, it’s a way of proving yourself to and gaining the trust of your peers. Mo Fyaz has invested a lot of time and effort in precisely that — Josh and co. are threatening his position in an online echo chamber that bar a few thousand people (if that)nobody really care about. Is this behind the aggressive reaction?

Fear of rejection by Tommy disciples

Is this really just a fear of rejection? Mo Fyaz was looking for acceptance, he’s found it in a desperate echo chamber and in something styled a “movement” (looking more and more like Tommy Robinson’s personal hardcore fan base). Mo Fyaz struggled with rejection more than others. We all struggle with rejection, some people take rejection harder than others — perhaps that’s why Mo Fyaz has resorted to desperate measures against Josh and co. as well as coping badly with rejection by an ex girlfriend leading to a suicide attempt:

“My relationship with Abi lasted a couple of years…Once when I went to visit, she had other friends with her. When she started cuddling up to a black guy sitting on her bed, I confronted her. She stormed out…’What about us?’ Her answer was not what I was looking for. ‘What about us?’…As far as I was concerned, ‘us’ had just ceased to exist…Around 7pm…I had climbed up onto the roof above one of the town’s main roads. Very morose. Very drunk. I fixed a wire to a TV aerial bracket and then wound it around my neck. Then I sat on the roof parapet with my legs dangling about twenty feet over the tarmac.”

Maybe the rejection of a religion (Islam) he had little training and guidance in as well as this cyber path of anti-Muslim and anti-Islam rabble rousing stems from a sense of family rejection:

“But I couldn’t cope with the rejection I felt. I was angry with both my parents for trying to get rid of me to Pakistan. My dad had betrayed my trust in him, and I hated my mum, who showed her contempt for me.”

Tokenism, low self esteem and life achievements

Whatever the case may be, we have a guy who is walking around at Tommy Robinson events holding a card sign saying “ex Muslims” (he’s the only one there, however).

If your life’s achievement is not following the religion of your parents it does not say much about you. If that’s the way you identify yourself and want your angry peers to identify you it kind of points to a life which has very few accomplishments, low self-esteem and/or somebody with a complex of sort. To top that off, a religion that you weren’t exactly devoutly brought up in:

“As a family we did not pray five times a day, nor did we go to the local mosque on a Friday”

At least folks like Glen Beecroft know it’s tokenism. Tokenism is the reason why Mo Fyaz is not shunned as much — in some echo-chamber residents’ eyes he’s got some use although Hel Gower doesn’t seem to think he’s had much impact. However, that’s a sign of low self esteem to accept tokenism for yourself.

Accountability, Simon Bean, Taking advantage Mental Health Issues and Money

A number of people in the “movement” strike me as folks who aren’t doing much with their life and thus rabble rousing in echo chambers and at DFLA/Tommy events (and now eve James Goddard events!) is seen as a way to stand for something — quite what for I don’t know. For some of these folks, it’s even an opportunity to gain notoriety and be seen as leader figures — they can feel important and valued. Let’s not underestimate the dopamine rushes when these folks get their peers/followers liking and commenting on their social media profiles which are almost entirely visited by people in the echo chamber.

Simon Bean MBE is not one of these — he’s clearly a man of accomplishment which increases the amount of disappointment in him, shouldn’t he be more like Trevor Coult MC who distanced himself from the Tommy Robinson “movement” and also had some criticism of Richard Inman. Coult, whatever you say about him, does exude more integrity than many you come across when looking into characters in and around the “movement”. Or more like Major Farley who spoke against associations with Tommy Robinson.

One thing is for sure, there’s a lack of accountability in this “movement”. Whose job is it to keep people accountable? Mo Fyaz, rightly or wrongly, has been asked to provide evidence he’s used profits from his book sales for rape victims. I think accountability with respect to finances is a good thing but if Mo Fyaz is going to be asked for proof (which he should provide) he’s used his money for rape victims then so should others. Toni Bugle and others who collect money — including the Justice For Our Boys (recently shown to be peddling lies about a drink driving tragedy being a terrorist attack by that a right wing rag the S*n) — should be asked for more transparency if they have not shown sufficient transparency.

Mo Fyaz has a history of suicidal thoughts and depression, these issues don’t just go away when you move into a new community. Somebody who is constantly, bitterly railing against his former community and actively partnering with groups like Pegida,bigots like Jamie Goddard and Robinson and EDL characters to heap misery and pressure on that community has baggage. When that person has a history of depression and suicidal throughts you may want to start looking at the people he’s trying to impress as folks who could possibly taking advantage of somebody with mental issues. Mo Fyaz writes in his book Letting Love Win:

“As a result of being unemployed I got depressed”
“When protested, the answer was always the same, ‘Get out or go to Pakistan’. I became severely depressed. I began living with a devil on my shoulder. One evening I decided to hang myself and put an end to it all”

Depression does not go away over night. Neither do underlying issues behind suicidal attempts. Do these characters who Mo Fyaz enables really care about Mo Fyaz or are they just happy to have an extra number by their side and a token. People will go to unusual lengths to get approbation in life — Mo Fyaz may well be one of those examples. Another sad aspect of this unholy alliance is that the likes of Jamie Goddard, Tommy and Andy Saxon probably don’t care enough about Mo Fyaz to actually help him and improve his life.

Of course, with people in the “movement” who think God’s Hand is on Tommy Robinson it’s going to be hard for some to break away and start questioning Tommy.

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