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The one thing Google Calendar is missing out

As far as efficiency goes, I’m a big Google products enthusiast. As a UX Thinker (Designer+Constant thinker) and a tech geek, I believe there are a lot of exciting ways to take their awesome technology and data to create even more engaging and compelling user experience.

The Concept

First off, I’ll explain what Google Calendar is for me:

Everything I want and need to remember doing. I’d also like to mention how I love their definition “make the most of every day”

Here’s the interesting part, NOT every day is the same, not every week and not every month (Lucky us, Huh?). Which leads to one of my ideas:

Super Events™ (name pending, will probably change ☺)

A super event is a recurring event, that does not happen on the same day or time of the week etc.

The Problem

Let’s take Wanda as an Example:

* User image courtesy of

Wanda is a 33 y.o. Graphic Designer. She spends +45 hours a week on her computer at work, she’s into sports and trains 3 times a week with her personal trainer, Elad in order to stay fit.

When she receives her weekly workout schedule from her trainer, she has to repeat the following process 3 times:

  • Tap the FAB (Floating Action Button)
  • Tap on ‘Event’
  • Enter a title and maybe more data (location, people scheduled with etc.)
  • Set the time and date for this one event

(Yes, I know there’s a method with one less step, I’ll use that in a later example)

Now, don’t get me wrong — this is great for everyday use, but this hardly answers Wanda’s needs for this task, as she needs to repeat this process 3 times per week. If her coach was very organized with setting the schedule for the whole month, that’ll make Wanda repeat the process 12 times.

Unlike her weekly work meetings, her sports activities are not at the same time, and not even on the same day of the week. But they all have the same exact information.

Like most things in the world, there are 3 ways to address this (Spoiler alert, the 3rd one is the best IMHO).

The Solution(s)

the easy way

Let’s think of each “already filled” event as a file on your Mac or PC.

Copying or rather duplicating a “filled event” could be a useful feature when either you add a Super Event™ or even just adding this option to any event, as I’m sure a lot of users will find this useful. At the end of the day events do tend to repeat every now and then, so a duplication option might be handy even without premeditation.

The solution might look like this:

I imagine a long press, then allowing to drop this event where I want it to be duplicated

But let’s be honest, where’s the fun in THAT?

the smart(er) way

Let’s ditch the “event is like a file” perspective and treat this like a recurring event (which it actually is), only with additional functionality. As google already made a very comfortable setting for this,yet it’s too hidden in my opinion.

In this method the user can enter the information as usual, and after completion he’ll have a more obvious button allowing him to set the event repetitions in a more optimal way.

*Maybe google’s awesome prediction services can decide which event is likely recurring

Just Like that, even is Duplicated 9 times! (gif ruins some of the colors)

This is nice, as far as I imagine this could be done. But maybe we can think about this in an even more interesting way?

the smart(est) way

While figuring out solution #2, I decided to avoid common methods for entering different types of data (dates and hours to be exact) to a calendar.

I decided to approach this more like a To do list. Since I’m really into Google’s other apps as well, I didn’t go too far, but I believe this solution is worth it.

So the 3rd idea is based on Google’s alarm clock (inside ‘Clock’ app). Mine actually looks like this:

Hey, don’t judge! I’m a creative person, rumor has it we’re all useless in the AM :)

The alarm app was an inspiration for me to make a list solution. With the advantages of adding or removing the recurring task at hand, I believe this is the nicest one.

Thanks for reading!

Would love to hear your thoughts, please comment here or by Gmail

Disclaimer and thoughts

Hopefully, you found this interesting. I wrote this article mainly to get these ideas out of my head, and make room for some more (I’m currently with 2 more thoughts like this one, and that’s just on google applications).

Regarding usage rights — of the above material and/or screenshots belongs to it rightful owners of course.

just for the record — Google if you’re reading this I’m all packed up and willing to come to SF like tomorrow ☺