find something special in daily life


The assignment gives me an opportunity to search something special in daily life. Common life can be colorful.

I chose the fourth left to right row.

surprise: look at the sky!

This is my bear: a photo of blue blue sky! I shot it when hanging round in the campus. I love blue sky. Though I can almost see the bright blue sky every day, I cheer up every time I look up. This is my everyday surprise and everyday gift.

delicious food

As for the Blur, I choose this one. I shot it in a Thai restaurant near UNIT 2 student hall. The fried rice was so delicious that I could not wait to eat and capture the moment. Food in the plate is a blur. Therefore, you can focus on the fried rice and the shrimp (the BEST part I think) when looking at the picture.


How sweet are these postcards! When someone select the postcard and give it to the one he or she has affection for. A love story begins.

something old

Something old. I shot it near the Barrows Hall. I know nothing about the building but I believe it is an old one. The wall is not so bright and new, and you can see moss on it. Red color is fading.


The last one: Texture. I shot the texture of a tree trunk. Trees are common things in life but by using closeup it looks a little bit different.

Here are all the five photos I shot. I spend a good day today and I wish you will like them :)

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