I see, I hear, I live

I believe everyone is complex and five photos cannot represent the whole person. But if it is necessary to identify myself, I will select explorer as the key word.

I enjoy experience different things in life, for example, making new friends and having a good time with my friends, going travelling .

go out with my Japanese friend

This semester I met a Japanese girl and we became friends. I helped her learn Chinese and introduce Chinese culture. During the weekend, I showed her around the city and enjoy our time.

The Palace Museum

I love Chinese culture and I am fascinated with its time-honored history. I visited historical places and am interested in traditional Chinese clothes ——Hanfu.

wearing Hanfu

On the other hand, I enjoy staying by myself and watching things happening around.

An aged couple near the lake

This photo is shot on the way to the art museum. I was going to watch DALI’S PARTY , an exhibition of Dali’s work of art. When I walked passed the street, I was attracted by the picture.

Quiet and peaceful, the only words I can come up with when I saw the aged couple sitting near the lake under the blue sky, chatting. What are they talking about?What are their story?I wondered.

Everyone has their own story. Time is like a wine, the longer ,the tastier.

Dandelions outside a museum

Tiny things can make me happy! If you want, life is full of fancinating things.

I see, I hear, I live.

This is my life. This is me.

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