Apple Has Lost Its Charm
Noah Halford

Now days about 80% mobile, 10–12% services and the rest I guess macbooks, imacs, a-tvs, watches, minis and a couple of macpros, well thats close, not accurate to the revenue picture at apple. If mobile starts sagging then this whole town center store culture must ramp up. So marketing is going to be more key than ever stepping into the near future and apple appears to have a high end (upscale) marketeer in Angela Ahrendts to imbue the watch as a must have e-bauble for apple fans who at least want to appear healthy and in style.

These new town center iconic stores do not seem to function as a portal for mac truck anything, including what’s now done in house compared to the genius bar of yesteryear. But the attention to customers is still exceptional and points out why apple stores are pretty much the square foot sales king of USA retail. These kinds of stores are show pieces of uber product placement for the mobile future. I just bought an imac at a just opened apple store that had moved from an aging mall to a more upscale shopping district where guess what, rich people are in plentiful supply nearby. That’s okay, apple will no doubt get lots of that cash. But the layout is really not geared toward older computer store tropes, rather this new store sported a HUGE(!) screen, I guess for continuous product placement and community classes to learn more about the mobile lifestyle. I was told by one of the over populated staff that there were only about 2 in use in the world, overstaffed cause it was still opening week, I guess. A town square (village green space) outside with plenty of meeting space for the short on wifi peeps and much more browsing room nearby than many of the other stores in this upscale mall that seemed to be a newer millennium strip mall. Very nice and trying like crazy to look up scale and almost, dare I say, Californian in the frozen midwest. :-) It’s a very nice store.

I think the non-mobile apple products will linger on in life support mode. I think older apple folks like myself realize that apple could do something like combining their mac mini, mac pro sector for business in high end modular, rack mounted units in the designer, video and audio business markets, but probably won’t pursue that market segment, too small next to mobile these days. Also think we all should forget finding charm anywhere in one of the worlds biggest e-companies. Apple marketing like many huge corporations is a very upbeat, upscale controlled message.

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