Youtube Downloader for Android : 4 Excellent Ways to Download Youtube Videos in Android Smartphone

Do you want to know How to download youtube videos in android smartphone??

Here we present working ways for youtube download in android . These are free ways to download youtube videos using free youtube downloader for android .You can also convert your MP3 videos to MP3 files which you can add in your playlist. Now let us see the steps to download video to your android device

Note: By Downloading videos may harm YouTube’s terms of services.

download youtube videos in android

>>There are 4 ways to Download YouTube videos on android :

Youtube Downloader for Android

YouTube Downloader is an app to download YouTube videos while watching it on your android devices itself. It is one of the best youtube video downloader for android devices as it is ad-free app designed by Xda Developer.

Download YouTube Downloader from Dentex’s blog on your device.

(Sorry if the above app doesn’t work; Here is the updated though beta version. So try this. I tested this in my device. Click here to download latest beta version )

To install the youtube downloader , you should fist on your Non market apps in Settings –> Developer settings.

You can search videos and download them via YouTube app or with the help of YouTube Downloader’s search. We advice to use official Youtube app.

Downloading Videos From the YouTube App

1. Browse the video you want in the YouTube app.

2. A video player will appear when you click on the share button

3. Click on YouTube downloader from the share menu.

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4. Download the video format as you wish.

5. Click On Download to confirm it.

6. To get a plug-in file click download if you wish. For the first timeit will occur when you download .

Other Method is you can download Videos Directly From the YouTube Downloader App

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2. Vuclip is an android app to download youtube videos and it is very old app for downloading youtube videos

Vuclip is an android app which permits you to download youtube videos to your android device.

You can download this android app from the below link.

Vuclip — Best Video app

As it is very easy to use , just search the name of your favourite video which you want download and then click on download button.

You can select mobile resolution which is compatible with your device.

3. TubeMate Youtube Downloader

Best application to download youtube videos directly in android

Download — CLick Here


Install Tubemate Youtube Downloader in your android device

Launch the application

In the homepage you will find Youtube Site. Access youtube and open the video which you want to download

Click on the downside arrow and select the format in which you want to download the video


4. Online Downloader

Open the browser and access YouTube and copy the url of the video which you want to download

Now in browser open ‘‘ where it will show a text box saying ‘Enter the url’.

Paste the copied URL and hit enter

Select the format and download the file.


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