Live Project- WordSnitch

We at WordSnitch are looking for candidates who can work for our Digital Marketing Campaign, and can come up with innovative techniques to increase our penetration in global markets.

About WordSnitch:

A top of the line android application that increases the effectiveness of one’s reading on a phone/tablet. Based on the philosophy of learning words by engaging in actual context/usage rather than just cramming a whole lot of wordlists.

PlayStore Link:
Video Link:

What you get:

  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Experience of working on a Live Marketing Project
  • Networking opportunities
  • Chance to implement your insights and recommendations and see them come to fruition


  • Enthusiastic, Motivated, Excited by App/Startup culture…..that’s it.

Extra points for

  • Content Writing, Blogging Experience
  • Poster Designing

Kindly fill this show of interest form.



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