Gimme Five 003 | Yakir’s Weekly Music Recap

Aloha again and welcome to week number three of Gimme Five! Seriously, keeping at this makes me so pumped!

Interestingly enough, I’m writing this again from an altitude of 10,000+ meters on my way BACK to Israel from Hong Kong.

Another interesting challenge with writing this is that I’ve ingested a strong sleep-aid and have only 30 minutes until I cease to function as a conscious human.

So let’s get right to it then, shall we?


1. John Mayer — Voodoo Child, Live At Red Rocks

Last week I included a video of Jimi Hendrix Voodoo-Childing his brains out. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to Jimi.

However, John Mayer is friggin’ unbelievable and I have been a huge fan of his since 2000 (roughly 2–3 years before he hit mainstream). Watching his growth and musical maturity over the years has given me great pleasure. He is heavily influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughn, which by virtue of that means he is influenced heavily by Jimi Hendrix as well. In this ripping rendition of Voodoo Child, this influence truly shines.

2. Daft Punk — Random Access Memories:

Random Access Memories is one of my favorite albums so far this decade. It has such thick, chunky groove and I love the integration of Pharell Williams on vocals. Daft Punk NEVER disappoint and I love listening to them innovate while staying true to their core timbre. So go put on this album, shake your booty, and let your ears rejoice in the sound.

3. Medeski Scofield Martin Wood — Bonnaroo 2015

I know, I know! It’s a cop out to include MMW-related content so often, but stay with me here because this performance is mind-bending. I’m including the Bonnaroo 2015 MSMW performance because I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they explore the tunes here. The solos and groove are straight pocket and there is not a moment of bad music for the entire duration of the performance.

I time-stamped the the video at 46:01 because the the three minute segment that follows is a microcosm of what I truly love about John Scofield’s playing, especially when paired in conversation with John Medeski’s backing organ. Watch Sco’s face as the intimate dialogue with Medeski unfolds through the patient intro to A Go Go.

From here on in I’m going to challenge myself to limit the inclusion of MMW material to once every 6 weeks, maximum. :)

4. Bob Marley — African Herbsman (Full Album)

There is nothing that chills me out more than listening to “African Herbsman” from start to finish. It does wonders for my domestic life as well. When the house gets nutty and the kids are crying and screaming while my wife and I are losing our minds, I just put on this album and the chaos level drops by at least 10 notches.

Bob Marley’s music is true medicine and “African Herbsman” is the variety that best soothes symptoms of stress and chaos for me and my family. Take a listen and let me know what it does for you.


5. The Un-Cool Cool of Therapy: Surviving Emotionally As A Musician in 2016

My Jukebox Java co-host, Ben sent me this article last week. This is a must read for anyone who has struggled with the mental and emotional challenges of being a professionally committed band member. The author advocates therapy as a way for the modern musician to withstand the difficulties inherent of a music career in 2016. He ends with a four-step checklist to help positively shape the playing field going forward.

My favorite excerpt from the article is the following:

My band Los Colognes, at the core, is built on a relationship between myself and two other dudes. The three of us have been playing music together on and off for a decade and a half.
I feel super bad for the girls that have dated me. You sign up for just me but end up dating a group of whiny man-boys. To all those dating musicians, I commend you. Two years ago, the reality on paper for Los Colognes was a good one. Great festival gigs. Songs on TV. Millions of streams on Spotify. Things were looking up in the world of the “ego.”
But under the water, in the world of the “id,” there were serious issues entangled between us: resentment from the past, harbored anger and jealousy, unrealistic criticism, fear to speak one’s mind, and not being validated by the others or being unable to find one’s own “truth.”
All that sh*t is real. And it’s hard to talk about. And having three-hour fights that get you nowhere adds wrinkles and grey hairs.


  • Flying home to Israel tonight! Can’t wait to get home and see Jackie and the kids!
  • I posted a Facebook Live video from the top of the Asia Center in Hong Kong talking about how enjoyable it can be to really tune into background music wherever we are. Every now and then you hear a gem from the past and remember just how great some songs really are. Here’s the video:
  • Busy writing up show notes for the first three jukebox java episodes and working on the website ( — totally a work in progress)
  • Didn’t make it to the Pat Metheny live at Academic Community Hall in Kowloon 😞
  • Tom and I have confirmed a small acoustic gig on June 26 at Beer Bazaar in Jerusalem — event page and more details coming very soon!
  • Following the above gig confirmation, I’m thinking about planning a solo acoustic show in Jerusalem for the heck of it because why not?
  • Honorable mention to my former band, G-Nome Project, for making it onto the 2016 Camp Bisco lineup! I could not be prouder of the work these guys put in and the potential they have to take it to the top. Keep trucking guys. I love you:

Question Of The Day (for musicians): Do you think you and/or your bandmates would benefit from the objective viewpoint provided by a trained therapist? Why / Why not?

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