ATB X Accelerator 1st Cohort Review

Traditionally, the New Year is symbolic of a time of reflection and life choices. It just so happens that this one coincides with the start of the final month of our ATB X Accelerator experience. I thought I’d reflect and share a little bit about our time spent here and provide insight about how to make the most out of this experience if you’re ever given the opportunity.

The accelerator provided us with the ability to create connections with a diverse audience. From assigning us a mentor, to providing weekly expert seminars and various networking functions, ATB X allowed us to scale our networks tenfold. Everyone who took part was very supportive and engaging. As an entrepreneur, we’re faced with dismissal and rejection on the regular– it’s refreshing to be constantly surrounded by positive energy.

Yakker benefited from having our platform be the method of communication for the entire cohort. Commitment to our product is a great indicator of their support and it’s nice to be able to troubleshoot and identify new use cases in real-time. It also cost us a bit more than we budgeted for in bandwidth charges at one point, but hey, that’s a good problem to have right?

The true value, was neither advertised nor something I’d considered when applying for the program: the intangible community feel. By providing a space where every company could come in to work, it put us in an environment of like-minded individuals. The startup journey is full of ups and downs. Many of which occur on a daily (or even hourly) basis. It was refreshing coming into the office, seeing the other members of the cohort, and knowing many of them had gone through what we were experiencing at various points in their own journey.

Having the ability to share or commiserate with people was very encouraging. Oftentimes we would get new ideas just by having a chat. We enjoyed these opportunities so much that we set up a beer hour (rum and eggnog hour for the Holidays or course) every few weeks.

I learned a lot from my first two months here. In fact, it even got me into yoga. Anyone who knows me knows how “flexible” I am. Time flew by though. We hope to rock out the last month and have a great open house. We encourage you all to come by if you’re free so you can get an idea of what an accelerator is, what we do, and meet all the new entrepreneurs from the first cohort.

The above was written by our founder @bksze. Connect with him for more conversation.

The ATB X Accelerator Open House Wednesday Feb 1st from 1pm-4pm.