3 LinkedIn Tips Every Insurance Broker or Agent Must Hear

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What can you, an insurance broker or agent, really do to benefit from utilizing LinkedIn?

First of all, we all know your industry is highly competitive and saturated. And yes, I’m sure price shoppers make you want to tear your hair out.

However, when it comes to LinkedIn, there’s still so much untapped potential for you as an insurance broker or agent no matter if your primary focus is B2B, B2C, recruiting, or all of the above.

As someone in the industry, you know buying insurance isn’t typically the first thing on people’s minds when they wake up in the morning.

You also know your best clients come through building relationships which means that cold calling, door knocking, and even delivering donuts often turn out to be inefficient ways of just meeting more price shoppers.

If you’re looking to work with more high ticket clients, especially if you’re someone who already has a broad book of business, choosing to leverage LinkedIn to its fullest will easily be one of the best decisions you make.

And to let you in on a secret, most of your competition has no clue how to maximize their LinkedIn presence. All they’re doing is sticking a resume on LinkedIn and somehow hoping it will attract new business opportunities.

It’s time for you to get a step ahead, or in this case, three steps.

Here are 3 LinkedIn tips every insurance broker or agent should hear:

1. Brand Beyond the Surface

When it comes to branding yourself on LinkedIn, think beyond the services you offer. Your LinkedIn branding should be about the impact you’ve had on people’s lives and the importance of the protection you provide.

Your ideal prospects and referral partners respond well to human interest stories on LinkedIn. They should be thinking of something much deeper than insurance from the way you communicate and present yourself across LinkedIn.

With your industry in particular, you have an opportunity to make the “Why’ behind what you do apparent. Your ideal prospects and referral partners will respond to the “Why” much more receptively than they respond to the “What” and “How” behind what you do, especially when you’re first establishing the relationship.

For more about getting the “Why” across in your brand, you can watch this classic Ted Talk by Simon Sinek.

2. Syndicate Content for Maximum Distribution

The key to content on LinkedIn and other social media is distribution. Eyeballs and engagement are what truly count.

Not only will increased content distribution mean more brand exposure for you, but you will be surprised to discover the number of inbound leads you can generate from using LinkedIn without spending a penny on advertising.

One way to increase distribution is to syndicate the content you’re posting so that it can be in numerous places.

If you post a piece of content to the LinkedIn newsfeed, you can also post the same content across LinkedIn groups (In a way which isn’t spammy), onto your profile, on your website, and on other social media.

Quality content needs to be seen and will help establish you as an industry expert. As you know, most buyers want to do business with experts, especially when it comes to insurance.

3. You Already Have a Network, Use It

Take a second to picture all of the people in your current network. If you’ve been in the insurance business for any length of time, I’m sure there are plenty of them.

When used correctly, LinkedIn can be a place to revitalize your rolodex for fresh referrals and introductions. The same is true for clients you already have.

There are a number of innovative ways to utilize LinkedIn for consistent and fresh referrals through the network you’ve already established in person.

When working with clients, one of the first things I advise them to do is to transfer their entire in-person network onto LinkedIn. Doing so will give you a strong foundation for prospecting through the platform.

Think about it like going to a networking mixer, meeting someone, and being able to see everyone they know in a matter of seconds. Maximizing LinkedIn will give you the ability to only network with people who you actually want to meet while also getting introduced to people they know who you want to meet.

And here’s one more thing you should know as an insurance broker or agent:

The average annual household income of a LinkedIn user is over $100,000, and that’s just an average.

When building relationships with these people and ultimately getting them to do business with you as well refer business to you, it comes down to implementing the right strategies.

That’s why I created Linked Legends, an exclusive mastermind to teach insurance brokers or agents as well as other business professionals everything they need to know to start consistently accumulating new clients and referrals from their LinkedIn presence.

To learn more about this program, you can visit Linkedleads.US/Consultation and apply for a complimentary LinkedIn Sales Strategy Session.

Yakov Savitskiy is a LinkedIn Expert who shows Business Owners and Sales Professionals how to find more clients, get more referrals, and make more high-ticket sales through using LinkedIn. To apply for a complimentary LinkedIn Sales Strategy Session, visit Linkedleads.US/Consultation.