How to sell anything, to anyone.

We’ve all seen Wolf of Wall Street, we all want the ability to sell. Most salesmen take the mundane approach where they appraise the product and use terms like “best” and “amazing.” In other words, selling the product rather than selling themselves. To sell the product effectively, we must take a rather aberrational approach.

Before you propose anything: ask questions. INVOLVE yourself in the potential customer’s life. Get to know what they’re interested in. You need to build RAPPORT. Once you’ve built an emotional connection with the person, ask THEM how they would use your product. Get them to sell to YOU. Ask them how long they’ve been looking for said product. If they answer with “I haven’t” then MOVE ON, you will only succeed in selling your product to someone who NEEDS it.

Is your customer unsettled?

Propose a discount/contingency so that your customer doesn’t feel constrained to purchase your product on the spot. Use words like “limited” and “personally” to earn their consideration.

Listen. Build a connection. Find out what they need the product for. Close. If you follow this guideline properly, I GUARANTEE that you will prosper as a salesman.



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