The UX of Learning UX is Broken
Dan Maccarone

I think you have pointed out just one aspect of the entire community still does not give design thinking the recognition and understanding it needs desperately. The mindset I could do your job if I know this and this is being propelled even further with what these programs claim they can do. I agree that such course do and can provide the base and basics to kickstart their learning into such fields, but a career is farfetch! Career mentorship from practising experts and real life working experiences with endless constraints and restrictions that you have to work around daily is what that made UX designers good in their fields. These things, you don’t get from a course, not even a proper design school.

I studied in a purely digital design school and I worked 10 years in a purely digital environment, I work, live, breath digital and yet, many “stakeholders” think they can bypass me on a lot of decisions because they are the “strategist” and they know better what works even when translated to a digital platform. (They are not wrong all the time but when they do not even give the time of the day to hear things out just ’cause they think they have it “down to a pat” is not helping. After all they can’t know what they don’t know right?)

This education ‘thing’ for inspiring UX designers does not help the ecosystem or diversity in the field a single bit. Instead, I feel they should direct their courses to corporates to implementing design thinking into their businesses which also help them work better with UX designers or even, probably discover the potential UX designers among their corporations.

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