Why did I refuse Canadian citizenship and moved back to my home country?

Don’t get me wrong. I love Canada and I believe that Canada is clearly the best place to live in the world. If you don’t believe me, check these statistics about Canada. Also, I bet you will find Canada on every other list.

World Economic Forum 2013–2015

I was born in Turkey and when I was 17 years old, my family and I decided that I should go to Canada to study college. Why did we think that? because everyone in Turkey knows that Turkish education system is broken. I won’t go into details about Turkey part. So, I went to Toronto, Canada to start my life changing journey. After couple of months, I got used to live in Canada even it was too cold for me. A year after, my lifestyle started to be like Canadians and I loved it. Most of my time in Canada was spent in Toronto except for holidays. After living in Canada more than a year, I have learned a lot about life and people because I have met with people all around the world. This changed my life and I became a different person. Living by myself in this amazing country with different kinds of people opened my mind and in 4 years, I’ve completed an English course, graduated from college, and worked for a year in a software company as a software developer. Each year, I learned so much that I felt like I was becoming a different person every year.

After graduating from college and working for a year, I had to decide. Should I stay in Canada and live the rest of my life here? or go back to Turkey where I was born and all my close friends and family live. It was a tough decision to make.

I was working at a software company and I was getting paid enough that I can pay my rent and a car loan as well as spending thousands of dollars every month. This sounds like great for a 21 year old who has just graduated from college. However, it wasn’t enough for me and I wanted to spend my 20–25 ages doing something which people will remind me of when I die. I believe that this is a once in a life opportunity where you don’t have a lot of responsibilities which will make taking risks easier.

After learning English in Canada, I read the stories behind successful entrepreneurs who changed the world like Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Brian Chesky and so many others. I wanted to be like them and build something that will change people’s lives because what they did was the most amazing thing in life for me.

In Canada, if you graduate from a Canadian college and work for a year, you can become a permanent resident through something called Express Entry. And then, if you work for another 3 years, you can get a Canadian citizenship. That’s it, it is not that difficult to become Canadian and I have friends who took this path. At 25, I could be a Canadian, but I didn’t take that path. Why?

I wanted to start my own company and bring my ideas to life (Changing the world). At some point in my life, I realised that if I am going to be successful, I have to do this in my country where I was born. In Turkey, I never had an idol because all the people who were seen as successful either was a singer or a movie star. People didn’t hear success stories like Facebook which led them to believe that is not possible. I knew Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, but these were all in the U.S. and this made people to think that it is not possible to become a success by creating something digital in Turkey.

I saw a lot of people in Turkey with dreams, but don’t have faith that it can be done in Turkey. This created a society of negative people.

Turkey don’t have success stories like the ones in U.S or Canada where 18 year old kid builds a billion dollar app. Therefore, I said to myself that I need to be successful because I need to inspire Turkish kids to pursue their dreams and do something great for their country instead of choosing to do it in another country.

There are successful Turkish people in the U.S and even for a long time the CEO of Coca-Cola was Turkish. There are tech companies which are valued at more than a billion dollar which were founded by Turkish people in the U.S.

This made me feel bad and I wanted to change something. I decided that I need to build my company in Turkey and show that it can be done, so people maybe will stop leaving their country which is already making the country to become worse.

Going to developed country and building your life there is easier than fixing a broken country. However, if we don’t fix, who will fix it? and what will our kids do? Therefore, people should stay and push themselves to do great things in their country so the next generation won’t need to escape their own country. This is not only for Turkey but the other countries having the same issue.

From now on, I am working on my dreams and I see my life purpose to prove my nation that you can do great things in our country and live your dream.

Being successful has a different meaning for every person. I had to give up a lot of things and make sacrifices. Living in Turkey is not easy after Canada, but I want to leave my trace for the future generations and I can only do it by taking this path. Thank you for taking your time and always follow your dreams!

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