Could this upgrade save your time?

I’m gonna be quick again. Facebook is one of my most used apps nowadays. When Facebook released “Reactions” earlier this year, it was huge. It was time to go beyond the like and give people the possibility to express their emotions in more ways.

About a year ago, Mark brought together a team of people to start thinking seriously about how to make the Like button more expressive.

Facebook did a great job, no doubt. The reactions are likeable and work across the globe. …

One simple button could make life so much easier.

I’ll be quick. I mainly use Google Maps for navigation here in Berlin. When I type in the street name, I get auto suggested some streets which is awesome (we have some really long street names in Berlin, “Hohenschönhauser Straße” for example. There are for sure longer ones that I don’t know about).

Searching for a street with the Google Maps App

Just to recap, in Germany an address looks like this:

Street name + Street Number

  1. Start typing the street name
  2. Ah, hey auto-suggestion! But what’s with the street number?
  3. Maybe I can add it after I log in the street…Guess what, you cannot.
  4. Tap inside the search…

Yusuf Algan

Sr. Product Designer @Shopify

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