UX improvement for Facebook

Could this upgrade save your time?

I’m gonna be quick again. Facebook is one of my most used apps nowadays. When Facebook released “Reactions” earlier this year, it was huge. It was time to go beyond the like and give people the possibility to express their emotions in more ways.

About a year ago, Mark brought together a team of people to start thinking seriously about how to make the Like button more expressive.

Facebook did a great job, no doubt. The reactions are likeable and work across the globe. Therefore I won’t bother talking about the reactions but the way of interacting with them on the mobile app.


I’ll directly jump into an example.

The current flow

Say, you want to see who or how many people reacted differently to a post. What will you do intuitively? Tap on the existing reactions to see the details (1.). So you actually want to jump from the 1st screen to the last screen (green path). What happens next (2.) is unexpected. You just pressed a button that expanded the reactions for you to choose from. This is bad. Why?

  1. Because it doesn’t look like a button and is not signifier enough.
  2. The comments and shares in the same line that are left aligned work as expected - they show the detailed post view (3rd screen)

To reach your goal, you have to go trough two additional steps. You have to reach the detailed post view (3rd screen) by taping either on the white space (3.) or the comments / shares section. You reached the detailed post view (3rd screen). Next step is to tap on the reactions again (4.). To everyone’s surprise, the tap won’t expand the reactions but take you to the reaction detailed view. You can finally spy on who reacted how. :)


As you might noticed, it’s quite hard to reach your initial goal. Also considering that reactions nowadays are often used for doing polls on Facebook, I prototyped a solution that tries to improve the overall usability.

Usability improvement for Facebook Reactions

My suggestion is actually pretty simple. First tap extends the reactions, second tap goes to details.

I would really appreciate feedback. What do you think of this problem and my suggestion? Do you any additional idea? Show some love and share this :)
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