The View from Trajectory’s Peak

Here begins the third cycle. I’m starting to recognize it now.

It’s that moment of weightlessness where all your pieces are floating in the air and some fall apart just as others begin coming together.

My name is Yezin Al-Qaysi and this is how my blog begins. Here I invest my thoughts, consolidate key learnings and create frameworks to streamline the way I do business.

If the hundreds of notes accumulated in my [Random Thoughts] folder are any indicator, you can expect detailed guides to getting startup stuff done, thoughts on building effective teams, tools to ensure that communication (or lack thereof) doesn’t become your downfall, examples of how I screwed things up, creative ways I’ve managed to fix them and “interesting” perspectives on lots of seemingly unrelated things. But with this mind everything is related — somehow.

In this brief moment I can appreciate the view from trajectory’s peak. I’ve been here before, and will be here again; preparing for the inevitable end of one venture and the all consuming birth of another.

And with all that I can muster…

Here it goes.

The Battle Room, by Steve Jablonsky

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