Love your thoughts Tissie!
Francesca Phillips

You have a positive outlook Francesca, the pursuit of truth is a noble thing, whether through questions or thought. I hope you don’t mind if I follow my own train of thought further on your thread. If the goal is the enlightenment of humanity, this presupposes that we are capable of agreement, eventually. What if the truth we find is difference? Then we are faced with the task of finding positive ways to exist with a difficult truth. I must confess that sometimes I find a truth which makes me feel like curling into myself rather than growing larger. Sometimes too, truth is pain. But in all this I think that you are right about the fences — though they are hard to dismantle (perhaps we should install gates) having a willingness to share ideas peacefully, even when this reveals disagreement, is an antidote to pain. No matter the perspective, truth waits to be found by the humble.

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