Harvey Weinstein is every other men

On October 5th the new york times published an article that exposes a Hollywood legend Harvey Weinstein as a sexual predator. 13 women came forward accusing him of sexual harassment and three of them of rape. Later on the new yorker released an audio where he was recorded asking a woman to go into his hotel room to watch him shower, she repeatedly in a too familiar frightened voice said no, she didn’t want to do that. All of this has encouraged more women to come forward and talk about their own experience with this “sexual predator” I personally wouldn’t call him that, he is just a shining example of patriarchy and the objectification of women. In response to all the allegations his lawyers said that he was a dinosaur, learning new ways, in his defense Harvey Weinstein himself said that he was sorry, that in the seventies the labor law wasn’t as it is these days, to which I say: You are a disgusting entitled misogynistic creep that took advantage of who knows how many women and law has nothing to do with it.

Reading facts like 98% of sexual assaulters will walk, is appalling, this is our society, this is our doing, the only difference between Harvey Weinstein and your sexist neighbor is the position of power that allowed him to keep this quiet for so long and all of the machinery, agents, producers, writers, and network executives who helped him in doing so.

Ask every woman you know, we are half of the world population, we all have experienced sexual harassment, and even assault and most of us have kept silence. In the best case scenario where you do talk about it, you get blamed you get questioned, or people don’t even believe you. I don’t have to go to middle east countries to give you an example of how wrong we all are, my aunt was sexually harassed by one of my grandfather oldest friends, they learned about it and kept quiet because it was embarrassing and is easier to ignore the whole thing. As a woman you feel guilty, you feel dirty, humiliate, undermined, and most of all you feel scared, scared that people won’t believe you, scared that they won’t back you up, scare that you will get blamed for it. 3 years ago I got groped in my sleep by a stranger, I am so very gay that I woke up because it didn’t felt familiar it felt clumsy and grose, his pants were unbuttoned i told him to get off pushed him away and got out of there, telling myself that it was not a big deal, that this happens all the time, i didn’t know how to handle such a thing. It’s like they take away your power, your will, it was my fault, I should have been careful, I should have been alert, I should not have drank that much, he was drunk, he didn’t think what he was doing, that’s the way men are, they can’t think clearly. We need to take responsibility and hold them accountable for their actions. It was not my fault, he knew what he was doing, he is not sick or a sex addict, he is a construction of our society and we need to face them with all of the consequences. I feel guilty now, but not for what he did to me, that is on him, pathetic little men, but because my silence allows him to do this to other girls, he is the couch of a female soccer team and he has been for decades, so I reached out to one of my friends that works in the same field and told her everything, I don’t even live in that country anymore but with her support we might actually be able to prevent situations like this.

So young girls speak out, is our responsibility to hold them accountable, Harvey Weinstein was fired from his company and it would be very difficult for him to hurt anymore people, that is the goal.