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I disagree that it should be an Asian actor. The whole point is for him to be an orphaned rich kid from New York who ends up there. He’s supposed to be different. I don’t have any issues with them picking a white actor for the role at all.

The second part of this article — questioning why they didn’t delve into back story or explore the differences, I can agree with. The only thing I can think of is that they’ve already done the “fish out of water” story with Captain America. Maybe Marvel felt they couldn’t go to that well again. “Wow what is a cell phone?” “Why does NY look so different?” “What great albums or shows have I missed out on in x number of years?” Those were used to make Cap the butt of some jokes in the Avengers already. I can also agree that (so far, I’m only 4 or 5 episodes in) it is hard to believe that this guy is some kind of martial arts master by the way he moves.

The show is okay and not great so far, but not because of any of that. The plot is fairly slow moving thus far, and spending almost two full episodes with him just trying to convince people he’s Danny Rand without doing much else seemed to drag on a bit. Hopefully it picks up, but even if not it isn’t completely void of enjoyment.

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