My life in park

I was sitting on the artificial lake,enjoying the peaceful moment.

I think one of my favourite park is Jingan Park which is in my hometown,shanghai.For a park in the city which owns all-embracing culture,Jingan Park can also accept people from all over the world.Everyone seems to be a part of Jingan Park.As people smile and walk together, we are in harmony again.

Still remembering that day,I was wondering slowly in Jingan Park on my own with low mood.Sitting on that lake,I felt relaxed.And I started to observe people coming and going.Some were photographing,some were phoning to someone and some were sitting near my place.Suddenly,I thought, the busy city had finally slowed down her pace at that moment.And I could eventually do some things I like,for example staring blankly just to empty my brain.Everyone seemed to get immersed in their own world,while together all in the same channel.

After a while,I was walking around some other places in Jingan Park.The park also owns fake mountains,lawn,boulevard and so on.Many memories occurred to my head.There was a happy time created by me and my family.

On the road,I saw some people.Firstly,there was an olderly couple got in my sight.Having english conversation ,while their chinese faces has attractted my attention.They looked gentle and simply fitted in their clothes.Maybe they had a long life living abroad,and it was the first time they returned to their hometown.They chose this place ,this familiar or strange place to look for their momories.Even if they have forgotten their native language,the memories with Jingan Park were still here.

Gradually,the sky was getting darker and darker.I saw an olderly man aging almost 70 years old was standing in the center of the road.A moment later,I saw he talking fluently in English with a young foreign lady.After listening to them,I know they are discussing chinese culture happily.And it also drew others attention.A father with his son had moved to them and wanted to learn something.Their talk seemed so inspiring and comfortable.Strangers talking like this seems so fasinating and free.

To me,the most interesting in the park is the people who always spend their time in the park.Different people being in the same park at different time creat their own memory or throw out their job pressure just to enjoy that time.Last but not least,I can always find surprises in the park after a long time not being here.When you are depressed ,maybe you can make a try to stay in the park for some time.City park heals everyone s heart.

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