Like a fish at the sea

If I have to choose between all sports, I will always say swimming. What makes it so special It’s how it makes you feel. Did you ever have the sensation of being free just for a moment, If you had, then you will follow me.

Since my childhood everyone told me if I would mind telling them what element (earth, water, air and fire) I prefer, it isn’t necessary to say that it’s the water. When I immerse into the water it’s just the world and me, swimming give me the chance of flyaway the problems and set free my mind. Practicing this sport bring to you a lot of benefits like loosing wight or improve posture.

Especially for the ones who want to take it up I recomend to try, it’s amazing how you can liberate doing this. Working just with the weith of you body it’s even better, people who goes to the gym they do bad to the back. In addition you will need an special equipment like goggles, a swimming cap and a swim suit.

Clearly it’s important to do an activity for our health but it’s even more important to do what you like. I encourage you to look for something that makes you well like swimming it’s for me.