“You’re Just So Interesting To Have Around”
Gillian Branstetter

This is great. It’s how I feel when I talk to girls. The only thing I have are shitty jokes, which a some seem to like, and pretty much nothing else. I’m not a thug or a cool and adventurous guy(I’ve lived in this one city all my life due to being poor and what not and can count the number of times I’ve left the city on two hands and the state on one) that can regale them with stories, so I really have nothing to talk about outside of movies, tv shows, or books. A few anecdotes here and there about the homeless woman that harassed me or seeing a dude eating a raw zucchini on the train.

Sometimes I kinda wish I had more things to tell or say to impress women, but if I did I’d be a different person and not me.

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