A kind of love

I miss you like fucking hell. I can’t avoid it. I just started to think of you when I passed your neighborhood and my mind went crazy. I suck on remember things like birth dates and that, so when I know that a month were someone, that I care about, have his birthday is coming I always look for the date and take note of this on my calendar. I always do this with people that I care about, I know it’s quite ridiculous. The point is that when I went to my calendar to took note about yours, it already was written. I don’t remember when I wrote it, but I did it before. I got sad. Shit, I wish that I could still be with you like before, I miss everything we had so much. It wasn’t so incredible thing but it was something, a kind of love. And if I miss it, it should have been good. That’s all I know. I thought on talking to you but I’m afraid that you will be all distant and cold and so you will hurt me and I will feel disappointed, sad and angry. So I don’t know what to do. I miss you. I miss so much people, that’s the story of my life, missing people all the time. I suck at relationships, here another thing at what I suck. I wonder if you still think about me like Im doing about you; I think you don’t do it anymore. I see some things that you gave me like a gift on my room and I remember about you and it makes me feel so weird, so sad. Thinking that you don’t love me anymore, thinking that I don’t have you anymore, it breaks my heart a bit. I never wanted to lose you. I don’t know what happened, why you got away. I don’t know, but I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. Bye, bye, corazón.

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