The amazing story of social trading with Clone Algo — 20018_GRID_USDJPY_SELL algorithm

What makes Algo trading increasingly popular these days? Well, the pace and ease of trading that it brings has made it popular among traders across the world. The Clone Algo app has become an immensely popular app for trading in Forex and Stocks, mainly thanks to the way in which countless users have got profited from the same even by making small investments.

The 20018_GRID_USDJPY_SELL algorithm is one of the several algorithms employed by the Clone Algo app for automating trading in Forex and stocks. The users of the app can choose an algorithm from a fairly long list and start trading in the instrument of their choice. Most users have gone on to make sizable profits and the success rate of the app is over 90 percent.

By investing up to $200,000, certain users were even able to make up to $50,000 within the first two to three months of investment. The efficacy of the algorithms employed in the app has made significant contribution to its success. Just like the 20018_GRID_USDJPY_SELL algorithm, many others keep getting added to the Clone Algo app to enhance the user experience.

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