A lot of this was very relatable, especially how you were drawn in to mass media!
Sandhya Ramachandran

Hi Sandhya! Great to hear from you. Emotionally alone — been there, of course, although being married to someone who’s also my best friend makes me feel quite immune to that now. Regardless, that’s a feeling that has consumed me before, and may happen again, but “religion” is not the answer for me. In fact, my next post is probably going to about what I understand of it (and what I don’t). Spirituality — I revel in it. But I seem to find it in taking 5 minutes to just breathe, in taking a long walk and thinking about nothing but observing nature, even in practicing art or cooking. I have been an active practitioner of Pranic Healing in the past, and I still meditate from time to time. It’s just that organized religion does not have me convinced about its legitimacy, and neither does it bring me peace. I’d say more, but I hope you’ll stay around and read my next post when it’s up! Thank you, and glad you enjoyed reading this one :)