I read an interesting headline earlier today that said :

“Uber loses at seast $1.2 billion in first half of 2016, worse than Amazon’s biggest loss ever of $1.4 billion in 2000.”

And Uber is not a public company.

Watching this condition, i always wonder about Gojek, about every strategy they are going to make to win Indonesia market.

I mean, they are all will suffer very big for the next few years. All of them have deep pocket.

But i think, Gojek vision and execution is way much better than Grab or Uber. Just look at all the services Gojek has, and compare to competiors.

One of the reason Uber got their gigantic valuation was their promise to enter new market like food and logistic industry ( Uber just bought a trucking tech startup few days ago). UberEats and UberTrucks are not available on every city, or everyday and most of them still on trial stage.

Now look at Gojek. All of their services operate very well and grow like crazy. Gofood claimed to be the second-largest food ordering app in the world, after Ele.me in China. Gobox just grow very well and have big potential to be the biggest delivery courier when they rolled out Gokilat and closed partnership with one of the biggest ecommerce in Indonesia, Tokopedia. I think i dont have to mention others service.

If Gojek was founded in silicon valley, im sure its gonna get prettier valuation. Bigger than Uber.


I have lots of friend who work at Gojek and i will pray for them and hope they will succeed in this market.


Yeah, i will bet for Gojek.

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