Research Plan
Matt Himes


I think this is a great concept. The rapid development of Austin has brought people from all over the country. This might be a premature question, but what exactly do you mean by history? I know the city of Austin is pretty old and that is a lot of information to figure out what gets priority over the other. Since the population of Austin is so diverse, maybe you can figure out there a way to figure out how to narrow down information to each user.

Since we are talking about local culture, is there a way we see if people want to connect and know their neighbors? Different neighborhoods have different vibes and it would be interesting to see if this concept could not only inform users about the cultural history, but also be current trends and events that are currently happening within the users neighborhood. This might even help in instances when they are trying to get a community to come together to save a specific landmark.

Another question, are we mostly focusing on historical instances near downtown and popular areas or neighborhoods? Or will it be both?

It seems like you know what to do and you seem to be on the right track. Looking forward to more of your progress!

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