Polygon is quickly growing in popularity and the need to bring not just ERC20 tokens there, but also activity from Binance Smart Chain is growing. As a first step to fill this need AnySwap has created a bridge for BEP20 BNB directly to Polygon, which YAMP utilises.

As YAMP launched…

What a past few days! Some major milestones have been hit by the YAMP team and community, including : A successful IDO on Starter.xyz and listing on QuickSwap.

In other news

The launch of the Yamp application has launched on POLY ! You can access the app through poly.yamp.finance.

Before playing around with…

A big thank you to all participating in the YAMP IDO whitelisting contest!

The YAMP team is as always absolutely amazed by the interest and support! With over 500 eligible participants, we had to randomly pick 25 winners.

YAMP IDO Whitelist Details

The winners of the whitelist competition will be able to buy $500 USD worth of $YAMP in the YAMP IDO Public Sale on Starter.xyz starting…

Leverage your QuickSwap yields

Yamp brings the ability for Quickswap liquidity providers to borrow funds to leverage their yields. Whenever there’s a surge in yields, liquidity providers can easily multiply their farming positions many times over to take advantage of increased returns.

Opportunities for Yamp users

In comparaison to Uniswap, QuickSwap provides an easy, fast solution to Ethereum’s…

Liquidations are an essential tool in maintaining the stability of any collateralized lending agreement. A borrower agrees that, if the value of their collateral falls below some predetermined level (relative to the value of their loan,) the lender can sell the underlying collateral to pay back the loan.

The financial…

We come to you with the exciting news that Cakerage has gone Multi-Chain, with an initial launch on POLY and BSC. The future will support ETH and SOL LP markets.

Launched as a response to some of Ethereum’s biggest drawbacks, Polygon’s rise has been meteoric. The multichain system combines the…

Cakerage.finance is now yamp.financeRead more

The main benefit of leveraging your liquidity provider tokens is clear to most DeFi users — yields can be amplified with minimal additional risks.

But is there anything else you can do with the leverage that Cakerage grants you?

Leverage For Hedging

A no-brainer use case…

Cakerage.finance is now yamp.financeRead more

Cakerage Finance is an automated crypto lending platform for users of PancakeSwap and other decentralized exchanges built on Binance Smart Chain.

Let’s start with a short case study

  • You are providing liquidity with $1,000 worth of BNB/BUSD locked up in PancakeSwap.
  • It’s currently earning you 25% apy.
  • You believe this…


Take your yield beyond the horizon.

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