Did you know your pelvic floor plays a crucial role during pregnancy, childbirth and post pregnancy?

The pelvic floor consists of layers of muscles that stretch like a supportive hammock from the pubic bone (in front) to the end of the backbone. These muscles are important in providing support for pelvic viscera (organs) — the bladder, intestines, the uterus — and in maintenance of continence as part of the urinary canal.

During pregnancy and childbirth, the pelvic floor helps support the weight of your growing baby and placenta. These muscles help maintain optimal intra-abdominal pressure, facilitating birth by resisting the…

3 New Classes from Yamuna® Body Rolling

Yamuna® Body Rolling introduces three new classes:

Each class caters to a different aspect of your body and its overall function. Continue reading to see which class best matches your body and wellness goals.

Yamuna® Body School Breath Class

Stress can impact your body in several ways and there are different levels of stress that affects each individual uniquely. Stress can be caused by a multiplicity of factors, such as being unhappy at work or home, working long hours, relationship issues etc. The priority is to learn what causes stress and work to minimize this.

To eliminate stress you need to figure out what is the main cause for you and how to alleviate it. Furthermore, you would also need to identify where stress is stored in your body. …

As many individuals age the muscles in their hands, arms and shoulders often weaken. With this weakening many simple tasks — such as lifting weights, opening jars, or even outdoor activities like gardening or golfing — can become harder to enjoy.

But this can all be avoided by learning the best practices to use your hands the correct ways. Yamuna’s® arm strengthening routines teaches these practices, helping people regain strength in their hands, wrists and shoulders.

Activities that can weakens the hands

Building strength in the hands or chest does not always mean having to go to the gym or lifting weights.

Yamuna Zake, a master teacher of body sustainability, has developed a series of exercises and products to strengthen your hands, wrists, and chest— at home, at work, on the road, anywhere!

Yamuna® Body Sustainability is more than just a new approach to body care. It is a whole new category of body awareness that responds to the reality that American standards for fitness have, over time, often proved more damaging to the body than beneficial.

These routines aim at developing…

Hand problems are not uncommon for many adults, often stemming from several bad habits that include improper use of the hands and a lack of proper care.

70% of hand injuries result from not wearing any type of hand protection. ¹

Here are 4 common hand problems affecting adults today, and how Yamuna® can help.

1. Carpal Tunnel

Carpel tunnel syndrome is one of the most common hand problems in the world, affecting around 4–10 million Americans along.

This problem primarily affects the wrist, with causes ranging from excessive typing to biological factors such as diabetes and high blood pressure. …

Our shoulders, arms, hands and wrists are continually in motion, performing most daily tasks throughout our lives. However, many times our hands can be overused, which can cause a gradual decrease in overall arm function. The older we get, the more loss of hand function occurs in both men and women.

Hand and wrist problems are becoming epidemic in our society. With the overuse of computers, game boys, and smart phones the muscles of the hands are repetitively stressing. …

Yamuna® Foot Fitness Class

Foot fitness is an integral part of building a healthy body, but training the feet is often overlooked by many. Roughly 75% of the American population will have foot problems at some point in their lives, with:

  • 2-Million Americans seeking treatment for plantar fasciitis each year
  • more than half of women in the U.S. having bunions
  • women experiencing foot problems 4x more often then men, mostly due to women commonly buying shoes that are too small

The surprising thing is, only a small percentage of people are actually born with these foot problems. …

The feet are very important for many exercises but tend to be overlooked by many fitness gurus. This is unfortunate, and detrimental, because your feet are a very important aspect of having a fit and healthy body.

How do you keep your feet fit?

When a woman gets diagnosed with breast cancer, it can be so overwhelming that it’s hard to ask all the right questions. The thinking about how it will be after undergoing all the necessary procedures to be cancer free is hard. Who thinks to ask about all the possible side effects, both how to prepare for them and how to prevent them? Just getting through everything is the main focus.

The oncologists and surgeons have one focus, to terminate the cancer and restore your health. During this vigorous process, your body will endure many changes —some you’re expecting and planning…

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